Pune FYJC admissions: Proposal mooted to fill minority, quota seats online

Admission process to limit the number of colleges of choice for students

Written by Alifiya Khan | Pune | Published: May 19, 2017 12:35:53 pm
first year junior college, pune first year junior college, FYJC, FYJC course, FYJC pune, latest news, latest india news, indian express The date to start filling admission forms online is May 25.

From this academic year, admissions to minority and in-house quota seats in junior colleges will likely be conducted online through the Centralised Admission Process (CAP).

Currently, admissions are conducted by college managements who have been criticised for not always awarding them on the basis of merit. Activists have even moved court against the admission process and have called it flawed, saying it results in several irregularities.

A proposal for the online admission process has been mooted by the CAP committee and a trial of the software was scheduled on Thursday

Though May 25 is the designated date for students aspiring for first year junior college (FYJC) seats to start filling their admission forms online, several changes have been introduced in the process this year. These include making admissions to bifocal, Minimum Competency Vocational Courses (MCVC) online through CAP committee quota for students opting for technical subjects in these courses, and most importantly, limiting the number of choice colleges for students to end the confusion over preferences.

As far as minority/in-house quota admissions are concerned, colleges will get to retain these quota seats but, for the first time, it is likely that these will get filled through the online admission process by CAP. Until now, colleges would fill up the seats and publish the list of selected candidates online.

However, there have been allegations that the process is unfair and colleges do not follow merit-based process.

To resolve this issue, the CAP committee is now trying to bring the entire process of minority admissions online. According to CAP committee officials, the admission form is to be filled in two parts. Part 1, which has personal details of the student including minority status, and Part 2, which pertains to received marks and college options. In Part 1 of the admission form, a tab has already been added to ask if students belong to a religious or linguistic minority, with drop downs for additional information, and also to ask if students want to take advantage of a minority quota seat. This form has to be approved by either the headmaster of school or guidance centre in-charge by verifying quota-related documents.

“We are trying to add a feature to the admission form wherein once the marks are obtained and the student has shown willingness for taking admission in quota seat, he

or she will get the option to select that in their preference form. Then, according to the applications received, seat availability and percentage-wise merit, the CAP committee will allot those minority quota seats. However, trials are on and it is not yet finalised,” said Meenakshi Raut, assistant director of education, Pune.

Asked about the other big changes in the admission process, she said that bringing bifocal/MCVC admissions under CAP online process is a big change. Until last year, colleges would fill these seats based on applications individually received and merit.

“There were many complaints about the bifocal admission process as well and that’s why we have brought it under CAP. Those students interested in bifocal or MCVC seats, can indicate it in admission forms and select the choice college from preference list,” she said.

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