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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Love Mathematics? Here are 7 career choices for you

The skills you develop while studying Mathematics are in high demand, and there is no shortage of interesting jobs that will use your analytical, problem-solving, and logic skills.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 7, 2017 5:26:15 pm
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Any mathematics student with a love for problem solving can look forward to a fulfilling and profitable career. The skills you develop while studying mathematics are in high demand, and there is no shortage of interesting jobs that will use your analytical, problem-solving, and logic skills:

Here are some careers a math student can consider:

1. Biostatistician:

Biostatisticians solve biological problems, particularly in healthcare. A biostatistician can study the effectiveness of new drugs, or identify the source of an outbreak using data and mathematical modelling. Biostatisticians can also work in ecology to predict how ecosystems will change or in agriculture, helping farmers choose which crops to grow and which methods will be most effective.

Degree required: Master’s degree

2. Actuary:

Actuaries assess and minimise risk. They model outcomes for different scenarios, often for insurance companies. If you’re not interested in working in insurance, large businesses and startups also hire actuaries to help executives determine what risks to take.

Degree required: Bachelor’s degree

3. Logistician:

Logisticians develop plans to maintain and repair equipment. They work to improve efficiency and reduce downtime by tracking the state of the equipment and planning preventative maintenance to avoid repairs.

Degree required: Bachelor’s degree

4. Data Scientist:

Data Scientists research problems and model solutions for everything from data security to the production of semiconductors. They often work with other scientists such as chemists and physicists to develop solutions.

Degree required: Bachelor’s degree

5. Financial Analyst:

Financial Analysts study trends in financial markets. Most work for businesses and help them make economic choices. The Federal Reserve System also hires financial analysts to assist in making decisions about monetary policy.

Degree required: Bachelor’s degree

6. Market Research Analyst:

Market Research Analysts forecast sales trends and gather data on consumers. They develop and track marketing campaigns to find the most effective strategies to maximize sales.

Degree required: Bachelor’s degree

7. Technical Writer:

Technical Writers create technical documents like owner’s manuals, detail technical procedures, and instructions on how to put together economical Swedish furniture using only a hex key. Technical writers can also write journal articles, grant proposals, and government reports.

Degree required: Bachelor’s degree


Authored by NNS Chandra, Academic Director (SEP) Iowa Schools Board

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