Bombay High Court to education boards: ‘Consider making maths optional for Class X’

HC says move can reduce number of dropouts after Class X; boards asked to consult experts and respond by July 26

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published:June 20, 2017 1:17 am
Bombay High Court, Maths compulsory, Education Boards,  Mumbai news, National news, The court said the number of dropouts after tenth standard could also be reduced if mathematics was made optional.

The Bombay High Court on Monday asked educational boards to consider mathematics an optional subject for Class X students so that they can pursue subjects of their choice that do not require knowledge of mathematics. The court said the number of dropouts after tenth standard could also be reduced if mathematics was made optional.

A division bench of Justice V M Kanade and Justice A K Menon was hearing a petition filed by psychiatrist Harish Shetty on the issue of students coping with learning disabilities in schools and the support and learning aids provided by various educational boards to help such students. The court was being informed about various aspects and subjects that can be included and done away with in special schools when the bench gave its suggestion on mathematics.

“Majority of students drop out after Class 10 as they are unable to clear mathematics and language papers. Till about a few years ago, Sanskrit was an option to mathematics in state board and students were allowed to apply for degree courses even if they had passed other subjects without considering mathematics. We could consider reverting to this system,” said Justice Kanade.

According to data availed from the state education department, the overall dropout rate in secondary schools during the academic year 2015-16 rose to 12.44 per cent from 11 per cent a year before. In Maharashtra, only two out of 10 children in Class V can do division, found the non-governmental organisation Pratham in its Annual Status of Education Report (ASER).

The ASER further found that 12.9 per cent students from Class V knew numbers till 9 but not till 99, highlighting the poor performance of school children in mathematics. Of the children surveyed, 2.7 per cent could not recognise numbers till 9. In 2016, only 47 per cent children enrolled in Class V of a government school could do subtraction. The bench has asked the education boards to take suggestions from experts on this and respond by July 26.

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  1. P
    Prem Swaroop
    Jul 1, 2017 at 5:04 am
    Teacher's pay must be linked with their performance...
  2. B
    Boray Sudhindra
    Jun 20, 2017 at 6:03 pm
    Part-3 To sum-up there is NO NEED to make Maths or Languages optional. Infact 21st Century students citizens nee the be aware of Basic Maths upto 12thstd of ALL streams and be ready to be fluent in English and other languages at Functional level. Maths is also an Language, To facilitate further readings may see a] cemca DOT org DOT in SLASH ckfinder SLASH userfiles SLASH Sudhindra_BS__0238 DOT pdf b] epaper DOT newindianexpress DOT com SLASH 209919 SLASH The-New-Indian-Express-Bangalore SLASH 07-January-2014 HASH page/17/1 c] rcbangalore DOT ignou DOT ac DOT in SLASH upload SLASH doc4 DOT pdf d]www DOT thehindu DOT com SLASH todays-paper SLASH tp-features SLASH tp-educationplus SLASH for-effective-reading-and-good-teaching SLASH article66407 DOT ece Wish Let EVERYONE Enjoy Maths.
  3. B
    Boray Sudhindra
    Jun 20, 2017 at 3:30 pm
    Part-2 ..The problem is NOT with the Student/Child who have FRESH Minds ,but the WAY they are taught....Problems like UN-trained Teachers, NO-Teacher, Un-familiar Parents[of school topics].. 3. "generous SPREAD of HOLIDAYS" in between Monday-Friday workings are the root causes for children not being able to attain levels expected at etch standard... CONTINUITY in teaching-Learning process is lost due to too many holidays. 4. Only Recently NCERT has released info on "Learning OUT-COMES" expected at Each Standard One to 8th for NCF2005. While we are waiting for NCF2017 plus ?? 5. While one can not expect any MAGIC to set right all sectors, there is one-way which can help to greatly ENHANCE Learning even in difficult scenes is to PRINT Textbooks in 4-Columns a Page Format with 9cm column as main Text and others supporting the Text. to re-enforce main aspects of the text! .. Student-SUCCESS Centered way. Please TRY.
  4. B
    Boray Sudhindra
    Jun 20, 2017 at 3:02 pm
    A very important topic of Public NxtGen Interest. How can one live without Languages and Maths ? - A BIG Q. Many views and remarks is to be expected.My view being : 1. EVERYONE CAN ENJOY MATHS problem solving using FOLK CAP Way! The details are on Google for free down load...Making Maths Digestible to Billions. I coined the acronym FOLK CAP to mean " Figure Out the Logic with Knowledge of Current And Previous" Starting from 5th-Std to 10thstd [Mh text books],one needs to know from 112 to about 650 Maths Sight words and Phrases. as compared to much more Language words!.... Not at all difficult to learn during a span of 10Yrs school education.Need to remember here is "Maths is ALSO a LANGUAGE" has own unique works and phrases and Grammar[Theorems, rules like BODMAS etc] one need to get familiar with. 2.What is required at School level is BASICS of languages, Science ,Maths etc and time spread is 10Yrs schooling. The problem is NOT with the Student/Child who have FRESH Minds ,but
  5. B
    Boray Sudhindra
    Jun 20, 2017 at 12:26 pm
    A serious topic " wrongly" led as news.... requires a detailed reply given in parts ( to suit 1000 character limit set by IE.) as topic is of National /Global interest. 1. This case refers to Students with " Learning Disabilities" ... NOT for ALL students. ... cons utes about 10 percent only..... not 90 percent to abolish a topic. Advances in Education methods exists to help such students.... NCERT is NOW -2007- trying to publish books that are LD friendly. School Boards need to wake-up and adopt these! 2. As as Maths is concerned my view is EVERYONE CAN ENJOY PROBLEM SOLVING... see my work on " Making Maths Digestible to Billions " free down load from Google!... Text books need to REVISE their books and Update these new results. I have coined the efforts as FOLK CAP way... 3. The new words for learning is "Outcomes"... learning outcome at each stage / level. Again NCERT has now put-up these details for NCF2005.. 4.Print TextBooks in 4-col/page-Success FORMAT...
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