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Water shortage: Supply on alternate days

Mahabaleshwar received quite a good amount of rain so far but there still is a huge deficit  at the hill station, like other parts of the state. (Sandeep Daundkar) Mahabaleshwar received quite a good amount of rain so far but there still is a huge deficit at the hill station, like other parts of the state. (Sandeep Daundkar)
Express News Service | Pune | Posted: July 9, 2014 2:42 am

With decline of water level in reservoirs supplying water to the city, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) administration has been forced to review the situation and is contemplating water supply on alternate days — one part of the city getting supply one day and the other areas the next day — to ensure water lasts until the reservoirs have enough water. “There is only 1.31 TMC of water available in the dam. The water level is declining with no addition to it due to delay in monsoon,” said a civic officer.

As per the state government directions, the irrigation department reserves water for the city till July 15 keeping in mind that monsoon arrives in the the city in the first half of June every year and fills the dams.

There has been poor rainfall this year and the civic administration was forced to make changes in supply. PMC decided to provide water once a day to the city with 12 per cent water cut so that water lasts till August 8.

“The earlier prediction was that rainfall will begin on July 7 but that didn’t take place. Now, there is prediction of it starting on July 11 but no one can assure it. Thus, the PMC has to take further steps to ensure that water lasts for as many days as possible,” said the civic officer. The PMC has to increase water cut, he said adding, “Unless there is alternate day water supply, increase in water cut every day would lead to collapse of the system. The final decision would be taken by elected representatives.”  The PMC administration will divide the city into two parts to supply water alternate day to each part.

Administration banked on IMD predictions
The district administration has planned water cuts in accordance with the Met department forecasts. The district administration says that with prediction of a revival in monsoon activity continuing to overshoot dates set by IMD, and dams that supply water to the city getting emptier,  streamlining supply has become tough. The administration felt timely and accurate predictions could have helped them plan better.

“There were no rains in June. Even in July, the Met department stated that monsoon would revive on July 7 and that too has been missed. Now, the met department is positive that monsoon would revive on July 10-11. We are meeting after July 10 after seeing whether monsoon will revive to decide any water cut to be introduced in the city. Water level is depleting in all dams,’’ said District Collector Saurabh Rao on Tuesday.

While PMC introduced a 12 per cent water cut last week, the continued…

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