The God of many faces

A procession for Lord Ganesh travelling through the crowded by-lanes of the city.

Written by Anjali Jhangiani | Published: September 20, 2012 4:10 am

A procession for Lord Ganesh travelling through the crowded by-lanes of the city. Dhol tasha players playing fervently as people pour out of the crowded narrow balconies of the wadas to watch them,and many more. These are some of the sights and sounds of the festival that artist Dinkar Jadhav has captured,on canvas,of the ten-day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. On the other hand the works of artist GA Dandekar are completely opposite. One of his paintings showcases Lord Ganesha playing the tanpura,lost in deep concentration. From energy to serenity,devotion to fun and frolic,an exhibition of paintings,which display a variety of themes relating to the Ganesh festival,is going on at the Tilting Art Gallery in Ishanya Mall till September 30.

The exhibition titled ‘Shree Ganeshaya Namah’ takes visitors on a virtual tour through the history of the most celebrated festival in Maharashtra. “My painting shows how the festival was celebrted about fifty years back. The scene is of the visarjan procession at Vishrambaugh Wada. The point of my painting is show how the essence of the celebrations have changed over the years. Looking at my painting,one can relate to the reddish hue caused by the gulal in the air,the sound of the dhol and the frenzy of the procession,” says Jadhav,who has a total of four paintings displayed at the exhibition. “My other three paintings portray Ganpati as a common Punekar and not as a deity loaded with jewellery sitting on a throne,” he describes.

Other artists like Gauri Gandhi,Vinod Kumar,Vinayaka Rampure,Bhagwan Rampure,G. A. Dandekar,Dinkar Jadhav,Shrikant Kadam,Siddharth Ghosh,Ramesh Pachpande,Om Rajput,Sachin Kolhatkar,Arpita Kolhatkar and Umakat Kanade have also teamed up to put up together the different facets of this festival into an exhibition.

“I have conceived Ganpati as a monsoon baby this year. I am displaying a collection of sculptures in ceramic based on that theme. Making the same idols over and over again year after year is a very boring thing to do for creative people like us,this is why we come up with a new way of conceiving the deity and portraying him in our work,” says sculptor Gauri Gandhi who believes in starting every important work by offering worship to the deity. Her work consists of sculptures of baby Ganesh playing with raindrops against a background of hills,which represents the western ghats,and other sculptures that are themed on the monsoons in Maharashtra.

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