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Sweet shops look at high sales, to double production on poll result day

Sweet-480 Orders, however, have not started coming in yet, as results are still uncertain for parties, candidates and supporters.
Written by Ardhra Nair | Pune | Published on:May 15, 2014 3:17 am

Sweet shop owners are gearing up for May 16 when results of the Lok Sabha elections will come out. Expecting higher demand and sales, irrespective of the party or the candidate that emerges victorious, they plan to prepare double the amount of sweets for the day than their regular production.

Orders, however, have not started coming in yet, as results are still uncertain for parties, candidates and supporters. According to the sweet shops, ‘pedha’ is the most desired sweet among all in the city during celebrations, though people from North India prefer laddoos.

“Maharashtrians have been traditionally distributing pedhas whenever there are celebrations. We will be making double the amount of pedhas on Thursday as it requires elaborate preparations,” said M R Chitale, owner of Chitale Bandhu Mitahiwale.

“Every day, we make about 400 kg of pedhas. But on Thursday we will be making 800 kg. Second on the list is laddoo. We will be making them on Friday only as it only takes an hour to make laddoos,” added Chitale.

Kaka Halwai, too, plans to keep 1000 kg of pedhas ready for Friday. “Orders will start pouring in the moment results are announced. We have to be prepared. The political parties order in bulk, then come the small-time politicians and lastly the ones who buy 20-30 packets to congratulate the winners,” said Sameer Gadve, partner, Kaka Halwai.

“Laddoos will be prepared too — double the regular amount, i.e. 100 kg, as north Indians prefer laddoos over pedhas,” he said.
Mithas Sweets is also gearing up to increase the production of pedhas and laddoos by at least 60 per cent. “This time, the results are uncertain. Hence, the orders have not come in yet. But once the results are out, orders from all sections will start coming in. We will also be making Bengali sweets, besides gulab-jamun and kaju-katli. These are not bulk items but people who want to gift sweets to each other buy these. We are looking at 20 per cent additional production of these sweets,” said Narayan Choudhary, manager, Mithas Sweets.

At Karachi Sweet Mart, the workers are ready to make double the amount of pedhas and laddoos to counter the rush on result day. “We are also making extra dryfruit-based sweets like kaju-katli. No orders have come in at this stage as the candidates are still uncertain about the result,” said Jaya Athwani, partner at Karachi Sweet Mart.

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