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Since drought year 2009, lowest rainfall from onset till June 23

The previous lowest till June 23 was 117 mm in 2009, which had faced a drought. The previous lowest till June 23 was 117 mm in 2009, which had faced a drought.
Written by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Updated: June 25, 2014 6:42 pm

With just 13.8 mm (1.3 cm) of rain recorded from the date of onset this year, 2014 has registered the lowest rainfall— till June 23 — in the city since 2009. The previous lowest till June 23 was 117 mm in 2009, which had faced a drought.

With a late onset on June 15 this year in the city, rainfall has been sparse compared to last year’s 226.2 mm (22 cm). “Along with a late onset, rainfall in the city has been sparse, too. The conditions are not even favourable for progress of monsoon in the next few days. The offshore trough along the west coast is weak and the synoptic conditions too are not looking up for any kind of rainfall in the next two days or even a week,’’ said Medha Khole, deputy-director general of India Meteorology Department (IMD). The lowest rainfall recorded was in 2009 at 11.7 cm rainfall till June 23.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar is set to hold a meeting to review water situation in the city on June 25. The Met department forecast does not bring much hope.  “With monsoon currently weak, there is no chance of a revival at least in the immediate three to four days. Even possibility of southwest monsoon covering the state will take time. We can only hope that a revival will happen in the first week of July,” said Khole. With Met forecast stating that an El Nino effect was bound to affect monsoon this year, Met officials said the “El Nino effect” has not yet set in. “The monsoon pressure is low. Though there are no rains in Pune and Mumbai in the state, it has been observed in southern parts of the country as well as north eastern parts,’’ said Dr S Pai, meteorologist at IMD’s National Climate Centre that gives the long range forecast.

He said the country had till June 18 recorded only 45 per cent rainfall-below the Long Period Average.

“The northwest recorded below 53 per cent rainfall recording only 13.6 mm rainfall, the central parts of the country recorded 31.7 mm rainfall which was 52 per cent below normal and south recorded 64 mm rainfall which was below 27 per cent and eastern parts of the country recorded 100 mm rainfall which was again less by 48 per cent,” said Pai.

First Published on: June 24, 20143:19 am
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