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‘Political ego reason behind corruption’

Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published on:August 3, 2013 2:11 am

Corruption in India is a result of ego among politicians,said Senior BJP leader L K Advani,who was speaking at the birth anniversary celebration of Dada J P Vaswani on Friday.

“The biggest problem India is facing is corruption. Ego in politicians is the reason behind this. They think they are indispensable and can do whatever they want,” he said.

Speaking about his experience in pre Independence India,he said there was a lot of discrimination practiced against Indians in their own country. “In the then Great Indian Peninsular railways,every furniture,every fitting had the etching of ‘Stolen from GIP’ on it. This implied that all Indians are thieves and would end up stealing government property,” he said. He added that the country post independence have not developed much.

Referring to the work undertaken by the Vaswani mission,he said that the need of the hour was to increase spiritual quotient in the country.

“Whenever,I visit this Ashram,I feel I am in heaven. Dada has done a remarkable job in spreading excellence. We need to spread his work to every corner of the country,” he said.

Advani said politicians should cultivate the spirit of giving. Corruption can be removed if the spiritual quotient is increased. He also asked for people to emulate the spirit of humility.

Dada Vaswani said ,“The greatest need of the nation is men and women of character who can serve the country well. Whenever,I say,this,I think of Advani. He has the rare qualities that are needed to serve the country selflessly. India requires politicians like him to lead her,” he said.

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