PMC chief draws flak for remarks against NCP MP

Jagtap, who is also an NCP leader, had convened the meeting of leaders of all political parties in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Wednesday to discuss the issue with them.

By: Express News Service | Pune | Updated: March 26, 2016 5:29 am
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Criticising municipal commissioner Kunal Kumar for calling Rajya Sabha MP and city NCP chief Vandana Chavan “arrogant”, political leaders led by Mayor Prashant Jagtap have urged him to apologise, failing which the bureaucrat himself would be responsible for further situation.

Jagtap, who is also an NCP leader, had convened the meeting of leaders of all political parties in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Wednesday to discuss the issue with them. Leaders of all parties, except BJP, condemned Kumar’s remarks.

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Chavan had expressed displeasure over the tourism projects being handled by the civic administration. “It is unfortunate how the tourism projects are being handled. I feel embarrassed to make any more requests. I have given up all. I really wonder how we will realise those dreams we have shown the Punekars,” she wrote to municipal commissioner and former mayor Dattatraya Dhankavade.

In response, the municipal commissioner said, “Thanks for being so uncharitable in your remarks as always.” “Don’t say you gave up on us! The truth is you never believed in us so there is no question of giving up. Have always been ready to engage constructively but have never found that echo from your side. You are the only politician in my entire career who has been so arrogant and unready to engage constructively,” Kumar said, adding he as the municipal commissioner was answerable to citizens and not to some individual’s or party’s agenda agenda. The municipal commissioner said that he always held Chavan in high esteem for the issues she raised. “But the way you raised them. It just tries to make the other feel totally worthless and is demeaning,” he said, adding he would ensure that the tourism project at Nanawada happens and delay in implementation was due to genuine reasons.

In a press statement, the mayor said the remarks by municipal commissioner against a former mayor and legislator, and sitting Rajya Sabha MP are defamatory and cause damage to her image. “The issues raised by Chavan were not personal but was in the interest of development of city which were being raised by all political parties. Already, there is an impression that the municipal commissioner is only focussed on one project,” said Jagtap.

In a letter to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, city Congress general secretary Ramesh Iyer said, “The municipal commissioner while discharging his duty is supposed to take all the sections of society together. His derogatory remark against Vandana Chavan, who is an MP, amounts to breach of protocol and an insult to Punekars. Never in the history of PMC has any municipal commissioner behaved in such a manner casting aspersions against any elected representative.”

He urged the state government to initiate disciplinary action against the municipal commissioner.

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  1. A
    Mar 26, 2016 at 2:43 pm
    शेती करावी तर सुप्रियाताई सुळे सारखी.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;सौ. सुप्रियाताई सुळे बारामती मतदार संघातून निवडणूक लडवत असून त्यांचा मूळ व्यवसाय शेती दाखवलेला आहे . त्यांचेकडे फक्त १० एकर शेती असूनही त्यांनी यामध्ये तब्बल ११३ कोटी रुपये कमावले .याच शेतीमधील उत्पादन २००९ च्या निवडणुकीमध्ये दाखवले होते ५२ कोटी रुपये, मात्र २०१४ ला ते झालेत तब्बल ११३ कोटी म्हणजे ६१ कोटी केवळ ५ वर्षात १० एकरात कमावले म्हणजे त्या नक्कीच शेतीत काहीतरी जादू करत असणार. इकडे विदर्भात मात्र २० एकर वाले शेतकरीसुद्धा कर्जबाजारी होवून आत्महत्या करत आहेत. त्या सर्वांना सुप्रीयाताईकडून कमीत कमी जागेत भरघोस नफ्याची शेती कशी करावी हे तंत्र शिकण्याची अतिशय आवश्यकता आहे. त्यावेळी ताईना हात जोडून एकच विनंती कि तुमच्याकडील शेती एवढी नफ्यात असेल तर विदर्भातीलच नवे तर तमाम भारतातील शेतकर्यांना या जादूच्या शेतीचे रहस्य, तंत्र किंवा माहिती सांगावी. म्हणजे या देशातील दरिद्री शेतकरी आपल्याला कोटी कोटी धन्यवाद देतील. "
    1. R
      Mar 26, 2016 at 9:24 am
      These politicos expect all and sundry to give them respect. What do they think of themselves. They have come from the other world. Politicos are not paragon of virtue. I see deep seated conspiracy behind this. The manner in which the PMC corporators have been functioning, how much they care for the public good, how sincere they are in solving peoples problems are there for everybody to see. Everybody knows NCP headed by Pawar and family is one of the most corrupt setups. How these worthies almost made a mess for Smart City proposal is the reason for this campaign against Kunal Kumar. These worthies have been ganging up to get Kunal Kumar off their back so that they get a chance to loot in the Smart City Project. That is the real motive. People of Pune are not fools not to understand the worth of these politicos. Another example is the presence of NCP MLA at the famed Ferguson College. What business this guy had there. What he did there was only politics. Politicos only know to make a mess everywhere???. Thats all they are good for!!!