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From a bubbly actress to a filmmaker with a purpose,Revathy’s journey has been an inspirational one

Written by PriyankaPereira | Published: April 17, 2012 2:36 am

From a bubbly actress to a filmmaker with a purpose,Revathy’s journey has been an inspirational one

For most of us who grew up on a diet of Bollywood movies in the 1990s,Revathy is an unforgettable name. Her infectious vivacity in films such as Love,Raat and Muskurahat have viewers talking about her even today. Ask her about this phase and she laughs it off. “Every age has its charm. There has been a very natural transition. Over the years,I have grown and my thoughts have changed.” Revathy’s third national award can vouch for that. She recently won the National Award for Best Non-feature Film on Family Welfare for Red Building Where The Sun Sets.

“It gives me renewed energy,especially when it is a total surprise,” says the actor-director about the award. “The motivation was the script written by Suresh Triveni. I was able to connect with it instantly and decided to make the film,” she states. Red Building was made for a project floated by EduMedia,called School Cinema. They have made over 50 short films to be shown in schools for teachers,parents and children. “The film is made for parents who have arguments in front of children and explores what the child goes through around the age of six to eight,” says Revathy. The actor-turned-director has earlier received National Awards for Best Supporting Actress for Thevar Magan and Best Regional Film (English) for Mitr,My Friend (2002).

Making a film with family values at its core does not come naturally to many filmmakers. But Revathy has always been an exception. Right from her choice of films as an actress to her pathbreaking directorial ventures,such as,Mitr,My Friend and Phir Milenge,Revathy has tapped the untouched. “When I make a film,I like the audience who watch it to take back something with them,it could be a thought,an emotion or the content of the entire film. I would like my film to stay with the people,” says the 56-year-old.

Despite the choice of unconventional topics in filmmaking,Revathy through her films has managed to touch the pulse of the masses. “Masses is a word that is scary,” she smiles. “Human emotions are universal and when you put a particular issue with emotions that people can connect to,the film will reach the desired audience.”

Revathy gave to Indian cinema strong women characters which have become synonymous with her as the filmmaker. “Women are growing stronger and more determined. So I portray such roles. It is very important for me to believe in the roles I play. I have always been very selective with the roles I create.”

The filmmaker,over the years,has also cut down on her acting assignments in Hindi movies. This,she says,is because of her “selective” nature. “Now,I am past a certain kind of roles with my age. So,I do not have much choice,” she says. Hence,the focus is more on filmmaking now. Revathy hopes to start her feature film in Hindi this year,a subject she has been working on for nearly three years.

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