Piece of blackened paper helps police crack murder case

Police use piece of paper with names written to find clues on two suspects arrested for murder of security guard.

Written by Sushant Kulkarni | Pune | Published: August 6, 2014 4:58:15 am

Nigdi police have cracked the case of murder of a security guard with the help of a small piece of torn paper from the crime scene.

A security guard, Devidas Govind Vibhute (54), who tried to stop two burglars from breaking into a watch showroom in Nigdi Pradhikaran was beaten to death with iron rods on July 30. The murder took place at around 3 am in a commercial complex Ashish Plaza in Nigdi Pradhikaran. Police said Vibhute and a shop employee Dineshkumar Singh were sleeping in front of the shop. The two woke up as they heard a noise when the suspects were trying to cut the metal bar of the lock.

Senior inspector S B Naikpatil of Nigdi police said, “In a search of the crime scene, we found a small of piece of paper. It was torn and blackened with some spray. We found that the suspects had blackened the glass of the CCTV camera blocking its view as they came in front of it. It was clear that they used the paper to test the spray.”

Naikpatil added, “We could see that there was some text on the old piece of paper. It was sent to the lab and it came to light that it was page of a ration card which names of family members are mentioned. It had names and the registration number of the shop which showed that the fair price shop was registered in 1989. We decided to probe this further. But we had in mind that this thread may not lead us to anything if it comes to a dead end. Simultaneously we were probing other leads.”

Police inspector B R Unde probing the case said, “First we looked for shops in the city. But later we found the shop in a small village Shirgaon in Maval which caters to two small villages. The shop owner led us to the address of one Gaikwad family. But when we reached there, we found the family members had left the village.”

As the police thought they had hit a dead end, a villager told them he had heard one of the persons from the family was a security guard in Vimannagar. Unde added, “We took out a list of security agencies and asked everyone if they had anyone of that name. We found him but his interrogation revealed that he had nothing to do with the burglary. But he told us some of his papers were stolen by two security guards who lived with him in his room in Vimannagar.”

By this time, police got blurred photos of suspects from some other CCTV camera. The two suspects Manoj Thakur (21) and Gokul Mandekar (26), were arrested based on information given by the security agency and Gaikwad family member they had questioned.

The paper had ‘ATM band aahe’ in Marathi written on it which means the ‘ATM is not functional.’

An officer from Nigdi police station said, “We now know that these two suspects are involved in some break-ins at ATMs by putting up this sign and closing the shutter. We are probing their past record. Their interrogation will reveal more facts.”

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