In a first, city to see poll results on giant screens

Pune | Published: May 16, 2014 4:25 am

By Vaidehee Joshi

With the counting for general elections due to start at 8 am on Friday, clubs, restaurants and malls across the city are making the most of this national event by broadcasting the poll results live on large screens. Incorporating the latest trend of screening popular events, such as the IPL matches, these attraction spots aim to keep their guests informed while they go about other activities.

“Our aim is to provide members of the club with a place where they can watch the final election results together with their friends and family members,” said Mathias Fatado, the entertainment co-coordinator of Poona Club. The screening, which is to take place at the ‘permit room’ on the first floor of the club from 9 am onwards, is free for all members, with an extra fee of Rs 50 per person for guests. The club is offering a special discount on bar items.

“Since it is a weekday, we are expecting lesser number of people during the day but more in the evening. Nonetheless, there will be at least 50 to 90 people in attendance,” said Fatado.

In an attempt to provide shoppers with an enjoyable experience and at the same time keep them updated with the election results, malls in the city will be screening the counting process as well. “This year’s election result for the world’s largest democracy is expected to generate as much buzz or even higher than any India vs Pakistan matches. This election we have witnessed greater involvement of people from the beginning itself and given the kind of eyeballs the day would attract in terms of people being glued to their television screens, we at Phoenix Marketcity will be screening elections results live at our food court,” said Rajiv Malla, Center Director of Phoenix Marketcity, Pune.

“With the upcoming election fever, everybody is looking at their TV screens in anticipation of the results. Keeping this in mind, we will be screening the elections live the entire day so that shoppers will be kept updated,” said Moneesh Bhojwani, CEO of Amanora Town Centre.

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