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IMD forecast says expect more rain in August

Written by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published on:August 4, 2013 2:02 am

As per the latest report from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD),August is going to be an exceptionally wet month for peninsular India at large. The formation of a well-marked weak pressure area over the Bay of Bengal and the early movement of a westerly trough over the Tibetian plateau are cited as the reasons for the sudden wet-spell. The IMD in its first long-range forecast had suggested that August would be a comparatively dry month after two months of rainfall in June and July

The monsoon for the country at large has been exceptionally good,with 528.1 mm of rains received so far. This was 17 per cent excess as compared to the normal rains the country gets in the same time period. Of the 36 meteorological sub-divisions in the country,17 have received excess rains,13 normal rains and only six have received deficient rains.

The normal trend of the monsoon break in the first week of August might not be the case this year. B Mukhopadhyay,deputy director general (DDG) of IMD,said the well-marked low pressure area developed over the Bay of Bengal would lead to continuous rains.

“The low pressure area had developed over the Bay of Bengal and was supposed to move upwards into Northern India. This did not happen as a westerly trough,which was formed over the Tibetian plateau passed away a day in advance. Instead of moving northwards,the low-pressure area has moved inland and might either move into Rajasthan or might move westrward. In any case,this would mean more rains for those parts of the country,” he said.

That the monsoon have been exceptionally good,can be gauged by the fact that in many parts of the country,the number of rainy days is almost double the number of such days,as compared to last year. In July,Pune had seen continuous 21 rain day out of the 28 such days.

Meanwhile,the second long-range forecast about the second half of the monsoon,stated that country would receive normal to slightly above normal rains. The forecast states that the country is set to receive 96% of long period average rains from August to September.

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