How I save water: For corporator, rainwater harvesting has worked wonders in Pune

She eventually decided to undertake a rainwater harvesting project.

By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: April 28, 2016 12:05 am
pune, pune water, pune water crisis, pune water problem, pune rainwater harvesting, pune news, indian express pune One such project by BJP corporator Madhuri Sahasrabudhe in Karve road area. Express Photo

When BJP corporator Madhuri Sahastrabudhe faced severe water shortage in her area, she was forced to look for a solution. Though she was advised to go for a borewell as an immediate solution, she rejected the idea to draw the ground water as she had never made efforts to increase the water table.

She eventually decided to undertake a rainwater harvesting project. “I found out that earlier, around 37 per cent of rainwater used to percolate down in the city, but the figure has now gone down to seven per cent due to rampant construction, concrete roads and lack of open place for the rainwater to percolate,” she says.

Sahasrabudhe says the only way is to implement a rainwater harvesting project to maintain the ground water table which is going down very fast.

“The rainwater harvesting project helped increase water storage in the available land near the property where it was implemented. After the project was implemented two years ago, there has been no water shortage thereafter,” she says, adding that it’s a one-time investment project.


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  1. R
    Apr 28, 2016 at 6:55 am
    The PMC should give maximum publicity to such works and if possible some subsidy to encourage people ,as the present rebate in property tax is there its negligible.
    1. S
      swanand Rishi
      Apr 28, 2016 at 3:11 pm
      Great ! lt;br/gt;I request you to publish my efforts given;br/gt;lt;br/gt;We stay in a bunglow in Bibvewadi, built by my parents. It gives us an inherent advantage to utilize water used for washing vegetables or car/vehicles etc. for watering the plants in our garden. (Off course, we use car if there are more than two persons and wash it hardly once in a fortnight with a single small bucket of water!)lt;br/gt;The milk that we receive in plastic bags is quite chilly and if heated in such a condition, consumes more gas/electricity/energy. We keep these cold bags in hot water that we get from solar water system installed in 2002. The initial cold water that flows from solar system is used to rinse clothes in detergent powder. (Many people have grudges against solar system, as they feel that initial cold water gets wasted. However, it can be put to such an apt use. Yojakstatra durlabha:!)lt;br/gt;The old water in storage tank/matka/maath is not thrown down the drain but used for plants or cleaning floors. We top up tanks/matka as and when required and re-fill it once in a week. The maids are also instructed about and made aware of water conservation. (way back since last September, we had put posters at sinks and wash basins in Marathi as a continual reminder for them!).lt;br/gt;We use only half bucket of water (i.e. about 8 liter) for bathing, rather than bathing with the tap running. In latter case, one doesn’t know how much water is unnecessarily wasted. Irrespective of draught, all should inculcate this habit;br/gt;We have adjusted the float of the cistern so that it fills upto 2/3rd of its capacity. The remaining 1/3rd is topped up by filling water used to wash clothes. Any waste water is reserved in a separate bucket for later use such as initial cleaning of vehicles, sink, wash basin, windowsills etc. or even to splash on terrace/balcony to cool it a bit in these summer;br/gt;While washing utensils in a sink, the bigger and bowl like utensils are kept at the bottom while washing small ones first. This way, the water so utilized gathers in utensils below and eases their cleansing. As far as possible, utensils like cup/bowls/spoons etc. are washed immediately, since once dried out, they require more water (and powder) to clean;br/gt;Water used for cleaning vegetables is used for initial cleaning of milk bags, cup etc. or for warming up eggs/other fruit-vegetables removed from;br/gt;lt;br/gt;-Swanand Rishilt;br/gt;C/3, Chandrika society, 686/1B, Bibvewadi, Pune 37lt;br/gt;P: 24211876, Email: