Galloping on a new track

The racing season gets an entertaining make-over with flash mobs,theme parties,mini-exhibitions and exciting gigs .

Written by Anjali Jhangiani | Published: September 11, 2012 3:48 am

The racing season gets an entertaining make-over with flash mobs,theme parties,mini-exhibitions and exciting gigs

Full on entertainment- is what the racing season is all about this time. From a group of youngsters suddenly breaking into a synchronised dance performance on popular Bollywood hits to a live demonstration of a terrestrial battle by the army,the races have gone a step ahead of being a sport and a who-wore-what during the weekends.

Last week,as tracks like ‘Chinta ta’ and ‘Subah hone na de’ andother hit Bollywood numbers were played at the race course during the breaks between the races,the flash mob performances by the dance troupes gave the racegoers at AGP Colts & Fillies Million and the Hyatt Regency Pune Trophy,by a pleasant surprise. The following week,on September 9,during the Southern Command Trophy,the race enthusiasts were treated to another unique experience. The army had put up an amazing show of paragliding as well as a live combat demonstration with soldiers rappelling down from helicopters,driving tanks and camouflaged jeeps and conquering a target . The army band presented a performance as they marched and played patriotic compositions on drums and bagpipes.

“Racing is in our blood; we love the horses. But not everybody at the races is so involved with the sport. All these extra events which are performed during the breaks between the races are an excuse to keep the guests who are not so involved with racing to keep coming back to the race course,” says Jehan Satarawala,CEO of Jaws events,the firm that handles the marketing for the RWITC races. He explains how this little bit of ‘jazzing up’ the sport has resulted in attracting more women to the races. “Just like the IPL event,the racing season has become more than just the races. The various performances organised during the breaks between the races keeps the crowd entertained and it’s only a bonus attraction,” he adds.

Later this month,the Panchshil Juvenile Million will be hosting a glamorous bash on the race course with a Venetian theme that will feature a masquerade and special awards for the best dressed guests. The race following that–the Konaark Builders Turf Challenge– looks at combining jazz,art and fine dining. While the Nanoli Stud Pune Derby which will be held on October 13 and 14, will celebrate Oktoberfest with live German music and imported delicacies from Germany,the Portside Cafe Super Sprint later that month will be exhibiting a variety of designer furniture on the grounds at the Members Area at the race course.

“It is great that corporates and companies are taking such initiatives to make the races entertaining for those who are not much into the whole betting game and not that thrilled by the races. All this makes a good entertaining party that helps in the networking and bonding of the guests,” beams Dishita Solanki,a regular at the racecourse,who works as the project manager at Get Through Guides,an accounting and publishing firm.

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