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Flavours of Israel

Chef Kobi Mizrahi,who was in the city recently,unravels some mysteries associated with the Israeli cuisine.

Written by Akanksha Ramgopal | Published: May 4, 2012 2:17 am

Chef Kobi Mizrahi,who was in the city recently,unravels some mysteries associated with the Israeli cuisine.

He is the president of the ICI CEO Israeli Institute of Applied Culinary art and Culinary Consultation Company as well as the owner of Chef 4 U catering. And that’s just for starters! The widely traveled Kobi Mizrahi,a celebrated chef from Israel who has closely studied the finer nuances of cuisines and cultures,is also an authority on what makes Israeli food click in different parts of the world. “A very common question that I am always asked is how I would define Israeli food. Well,I think that this is one cuisine that is a mixture of a lot of cultures and and cuisines and yet is unique. It has developed over a long period of time. Israeli cuisine is fusion of Jewish and native Israeli cuisine. It has adopted various styles of the people and cultures that are a part of our land and is still evolving,says Chef Kobi.

For 15 years the chef led a nomadic life as he traveled from one place to another to gain the expertise that he now executes with such aplomb. France,Italy,Switzerland have been ticked off on the map and now he is here in India and more importantly in Pune to be a part of the Israeli Food festival at Hyatt Residency. On his second visit to India,he says,“I love it here,it was a very nice experience to see people of Pune really enjoying the Israeli food. Even though the food doesn’t have as many spices as the Indian cuisine,people were coming to me and saying that the fare is delicious.”

When asked about any similarities between Indian and Israeli cuisines,he replies,“We use a lot of vegetables in our food. Any dish will have vegetables,and it is the requirement of the cuisine that they be fresh. I think even in the Indian cuisine a lot of vegetables are used even when they cook meats.” He says that there are differences in each cuisines. “In the Indian cuisine all the spices and foods are mixed together in a way that you cannot really separate the food items. For instance here when they make spinach-based dishes it is made like a purée,but when we make a dish with spinach the leaves are clearly visible,” he points out.

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