Citizen’s Voice: Comments against women unwarranted

Comments made by a Karnataka High Court judge during a proceeding are very shocking.

Published: September 11, 2012 4:30 am

Comments made by a Karnataka High Court judge during a proceeding are very shocking. His remarks that the unmarried lady advocate was incapable of handling matrimonial disputes,thus advising her to get married and then going on to say that domestic violence is a part and parcel of marriage for women are uncalled for. He is unable to realise that every word he utters from his chair,carries weight and such injudicious utterances send a wrong signal to the society. He should be asked to make a public apology or vacate his chair. In another instance,when a victim urged the magistrate to control the conduct of the ex-convict,who was continuously intimidating her,even in court,he said,“When you point a finger at someone,there are three more fingers pointing back at you.” This openly showed his bias towards the history-sheeter,who has 4-5 criminal cases pending against him in 2-3 states. He subjected a senior citizen to insult,humiliation and indignities in implying that she is three times worse than the history-sheeter This is the treatment given to a lady of distinction who has an international presence,owing to her extensive social work. It is high time they realise they are no longer considered ‘sacrosanct’ and are accountable for their unwarranted statements and abuse of power/office. In all these instances,had the ladies retaliated,they would have been cited for contempt of court,when these judicial officers must be held in contempt of their own court. No wonder then NRIs comment that India is the best country for criminals.

T S Pathak

Greenpark Salisbury Park

30 yrs on,20,000 defence officers to get their dues

AFTER a prolonged legal battle,about 20,000 defence officers will now get their entitlements,which were denied to them for about three decades. On September 4,the SC ordered to release their cumulative benefits of ‘rank pay’ which was instituted by the 4th Pay Commission in 1986. In 2010,the SC had given the verdict to pay the dues to all affected officers. But the government sought an appeal under the pretext that such payments would cause extra burden on the exchequer. The solicitor general who represented the government also argued that the relief may be given only to litigant officers,but sensing the gross injustice done to service officers by an unfair fixation of pay and allowance,the SC ordered to pay the dues to all affected officers with effect from 1986. The sad reality being faced by our Armed forces is the abdication of responsibilities by our political leaders and the arbitrary delegation of power and control to bureaucracy which is bent upon to bring down defence officers in terms of status and welfare. In the absence of accountability,babus continue to play mischief while handling issues pertaining to Armed forces.

Major (Rtd) Mathew Oommen

Nyati Estate,Pune 411060

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