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Some summer camps are going beyond the regular and inspiring youngsters to test the limits of their physical strength,and imagination.

Written by Akanksha Ramgopal | Published: May 8, 2012 12:43 am

Some summer camps are going beyond the regular and inspiring youngsters to test the limits of their physical strength,and imagination.

Twenty-Summer,especially during vacation time,can become a drag. But why would anyone want to laze about when one could be building a robot,gliding through the sky or learning self-defense/survival techniques? Some camps in the city have attempted to go beyond the run-of-the-mill,and offer summer camp ideas that test children’s’ limits of understanding the world around them.

If you are interested in science or just like to build things,then Mission Apollo’s Robotics camp is the place to be. They have a week-long programme in which you learn to build your own robots and also learn to programme them. “The camp is designed in such a way that a child from the V standard,as well as an engineering student,both can enjoy it. The building part is a lot of fun and the programming isn’t complex at all. I have seen students come here and fall in love with programming,” says Chinar Wakhaloo,who is an instructor at the camp as well as an engineering herself.

The Director of Mission Apollo,Sandeep Joshi,feels that the response to this camp has been very good. “Last year,we had around 80 students and this year we have almost 170,and this is only the first month of summer.” Another rather unique summer camp is ‘29028 Adventure world’s Commando camp only for girls’. “Although we have been in this line for more than 25 years,we started this camp five years ago only for women,because it is our mission that our girls should be capable of taking care of themselves and the nation. So this camp will provide them with the base of being able to do so,” says Jayant Dofey,head of the camp.

Their list of activities is interesting and daunting at the same time – basic rock climbing,night navigational trekking,river or lake crossing,disaster management workshop,air rifle shooting,rope beam balance and many more. Even though this particular camp is only for women,29028 Adventures also has a lot of other camps that range from aero-modeling,to nature trails and river rafting and wildlife training sessions,that are open to all.

The Hadapsar Gliding Centre is already known for it’s popular gliding summer camps. “Every year,we have about 150 people calling to register,unfortunately we take only 25 per batch,on first-come-first-serve basis. We have two batches every summer,so we have to turn a lot of them away,” says Capt. Shailesh Charbe,the instructor in charge of the centre. However this year,the gliding centre did something different,they gifted visually impaired children with a two-day long gliding camp. “It was a very moving experience. I had wondered that these children won’t be able to enjoy the scenic beauty,so will they enjoy the flight? But I was wrong,they could feel the flight and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves,” says Charbe.

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