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Acceptance of Dalits has come a long way but much needs to be done

Written by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Published: August 15, 2016 3:49 am
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Seventy years of Independence has certainly ensured that Dalits have a voice and thanks to the rights enshrined in the Constitution of India they have made significant forays in education and social sector.

However, the systematic change, the authors of the Constitution had hoped for, still elude Dalits which is a cause for concern.

Acceptance of Dalits has come a long way but much needs to be done. Mindset change is of great importance without which Dalits will not be able to break off the shackles of slavery imposed on them. The recent incidents in Una, Gujarat once again brought to light the fact that many Dalits feel it is their rightful place to take care of certain jobs which others are not interested to do.

Every Dalit person should realise that they should not continue in jobs that involve removal of night soil, skinning dead animals or cleaning the streets. They must take it upon themselves to avail higher education and go for white-collared jobs. The society should also realise that they should not expect any such role from the Dalit community.

Political parties have failed Dalits. They have distributed freebies which, in the long run, do not do anything but create another set of class IV employees. What is now necessary is a complete systematic change.

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  1. J
    Aug 15, 2016 at 12:01 am
    Anupam Kher - took a march in Delhi to support tolerance, however, he failed miserably to show up in Gujarat . when things went wrong against Dalits. What was his motive? To support BJP to get some political mileage , he seems to be totally blind to what goes on against Dalits. Crimes, rapes, abductions, mistreatment, beatings ... Guys like Mr. Kher .. only show up to support the cause when it benefits them .. else .... nowhere in sight .. There are many who would love to debated with him ..........