For artist Saurabh Chandekar,painting is a passion,a hobby.

Written by Swasti Chatterjee | Published: February 16, 2012 3:47 am

For artist Saurabh Chandekar,painting is a passion,a hobby. An art director of an advertising group,Chandekar paints his observations of people and his reading of them on the canvas. It is these observations that have been turned into a series – ‘People pretend,art reveals’ – which is on display at Art2day Gallery,Tilak Road.

Chandekar has always been influenced by ‘ dambha’ or the passing images of individuals. He tries to bring them to life through strokes and hues on the canvas. “I have often noticed people pretending. They might talk to me but there is something going on inside them which they sometimes fail to hide. These inner feelings and emotions catch my attention. They are reflections of an individual and perfectly in sync with a person’s character – quite different from the mask he or she wears,” the artist says. This second individual within a person is what he paints. He has been assessing the traits of people through his works since his college days. “I was always amused by the way people would cease to be themselves and change their mannerisms when among strangers,” he adds.

Later,he drew inspiration from a traditional school of art of Bhilwara,Laghu Chitra Shaili – which are mainly paintings characters of folk tales and personalities. Chandekar has added his own distinct touch to this form of art. “Though I am influenced by Laghu Chitra Shaili,I blend it with intricate figures,illustrations and aesthetics,” he adds. His pieces of art are a treat to the eyes with extensive decorative dots and designs.

Apart from the Laghu Chitra Shaili motifs,Chandekar’s paintings highlight the eyes and “the monotony of lives”. “The eyes are the only parts of the body which can interact with another individual. They are expressive and tell stories themselves,” he says. About the monotony of life,Chandekar says,“People around me seem to be exhausted with the cut-throat competition and fast pace of life. They fail to communicate. It is perhaps the impact of busy cities,” he says. Apart from communicating through figurative paintings,the artist also uses his profession to reach out to people. “When I need to convey a message to the society,I either use figures or turn them into graphical art forms that can connect with people,” he says.

(Dambh,an art showcase by Chandekar,is on at Art2Day Gallery till February 19)

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