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Withdraw my Z+ security: Anna Hazare to government

Social activist Anna Hazare has written to the state government requesting it to withdraw the Z-plus security given to him.

| Pune | Updated: March 7, 2016 12:07 am

Social activist Anna Hazare has written to the state government requesting it to withdraw the Z-plus security given to him, saying it won’t be able to prevent his death if it were to happen. He says the arrangement is a burden on the state exchequer too.

Hazare, who has received about half a dozen threats in the last one year, as reported by his aides, has said he feels the security arrangement can be breached anytime as the personnel guarding him are rather “lazy”.

Nine bodyguards and 28 men from the Ahmednagar police are currently deployed at Hazare’s village Ralegan Siddhi.

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“On Saturday, I read in the newspaper that my security has been enhanced. I was saddened to learn about it,” writes Hazare, adding that he does not care about his life as he has dedicated it to the country and its people.

“Before this, I have written to the state government at least four times telling them that I don’t need police protection. But instead of withdrawing it, the government is increasing it. What I fail to understand is if people like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi who occupied such important posts too couldn’t be saved by all the police machinery, how can it do any good to me,” he has written in the letter.

The 77-year-old activist has underlined that the security arrangement is not as helpful for him as thought by the establishment.

“I have not said this earlier to avoid causing any trouble to anyone but it’s a fact that when I got out for morning walk at the dawn, most of the times none of the body guards accompany me…I have seen it many times that the cops deployed to keep a vigil are engrossed in looking into their cellphones — sitting cross-legged in a chair in front of me when I do my yoga. So busy they are that they won’t have an inkling if someone comes and kills me,” writes Hazare.

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  1. S
    Mar 7, 2016 at 4:36 pm
    chappal should be were in toe . other use is to kill small insect like cocroch , it should now keep on your head
    1. M
      Mar 9, 2016 at 4:24 am
      OMG! how can one even think to not respect Shri Anna Hazaare ji, who is present Father of Nation. Z Security should be continued to Shri Anna Hazaare ji, but his privacy should be respected and not intruded. Those security personnel who have not shown respect to Shri Anna Hazaare ji should be dismissed from their post. They don't have any moral right to stay in Indian Society which respects Shri Anna Hazaare ji. I salute Shri Anna Hazaare ji