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The Bandstand warning bell that was

Nobody is quite sure what happened to the bell. Nobody is quite sure what happened to the bell.
Mumbai | Published on:June 12, 2014 5:07 am


The bell was installed in 2008 by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) at Bandra Bandstand by none other than the then city Mayor Shubha Raul. It rang loud and clear and warned couples sitting near the seafront of high tides.

“Couples often do not realise there is a high tide and get drawn into the deep waters very easily,” says Robin Nath, secretary of the Bandra Bandstand Residents Association (BBRA). “Most of the times, it is the locals in the area who help people in case of an emergency,” he says.
Nobody is quite sure what happened to the bell. Nath says the bell was just stolen, but some others allege that the police did away with it.

“Usually, there are guards here, but nowadays we don’t even see them. I think the civic body should install the bell again. The locals do help in case of emergencies, but that was an innovative idea which was not implemented well,” says Hemant Shukla, a regular visitor at Bandstand.
Another visitor, Vaugh Baretto, says, “I think with the monsoons approaching, it would be really good if the authorities can take required steps to alert the people sitting at Bandstand. Right now, there are only signboards which can easily be missed by people.”

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