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Thane mass murder: ‘I have surprise for you’, Hasnain Wearekar texted brother-in-law day before crime

Thane murders: Police probe loan accused had taken to start a business but couldn’t repay.

Written by Mohamed Thaver , Sadaf Modak | Mumbai | Updated: March 3, 2016 11:20 am
Police and experts at the spot were Hasnain W earekar murdered 7 kids, 6 sisters including wife & one man from his family & committed suicide in jurisdiction of Kasarvadavli police station at Thane at 3 am on Sunday. Expresphoto by Deepak Joshi Police and experts at the spot were Hasnain Wearekar murdered 7 kids, 6 sisters including wife & one man from his family & committed suicide in jurisdiction of Kasarvadavli police station at Thane at 3 am on Sunday. Expresphoto by Deepak Joshi

IN A WhatsApp text message he sent a day before he is believed to have killed 14 members of his family in the span of 30-40 minutes in the wee hours of Sunday, Hasnain Warekar, 35, told his brother-in-law that he had a surprise for him. Shaukat Khan, who lost his wife Sabina, their daughter and two sons, told The Indian Express on Monday that there was no reason to view the message with any suspicion.

“I wish I had known this is what he was talking about,” Shaukat said, in between sobs, outside his residence in Khairna village in Navi Mumbai.

Police have now been told Hasnain had taken a loan that Shaukat was aware of. “He had told me about seven months ago that he was initiating an export business for which he was collecting capital. He was an earnest man who anybody could have trusted. He had taken a loan from a few people and when he could not repay it, he had to hand his business decisions to one of them. I do not know who this person is but I have urged the police to check Hasnain’s call data records and also his bank transactions,” Shaukat said.

Only on Friday, Hasnain had told Shaukat that an investor had promised a cheque of Rs 25 lakh. “We discussed that the money would come into his account by Tuesday, after which he could repay loans,” said Shaukat.

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Shaukat said though the family get-togethers in the Kasarwadavli home of the Warekars were a frequent affair, Hasnain had not formally invited him this time, barring the mention of the “surprise”.

According to Shaukat, who is in his late-thirties and runs a small business, he spoke to his wife on Saturday evening when Sabina called to inform him that she was almost at the Kasarwadavli home.

Around 11.26 pm, he again called her on her cellphone number but she did not answer and he called Hasnain instead. “He picked up the phone and told me they were having dinner. He liked to cook for his family. It was a normal conversation, with no sign of any tension in his voice. He gave the phone to my wife and we spoke for a few minutes. I could hear the children playing and making a lot of noise in the background. They seemed to be having fun like any family does during a get-together,” Shaukat said.

He added that he went to bed around 1 am and woke up when a relative called him at 3.45 am, asking him to rush to Thane. “My uncle told me that one of my youngest sisters-in-law (Subia, the sole survivor) had been found in an injured state in the Thane home. I thought there may have been a robbery attempt at the house,” he said.

Shaukat said he had known Hasnain as a calm man who loved his sisters immensely and doted on his nephews and nieces. “My children would always be excited about going to their mamu’s home. Even this time, though my daughter had her exams, she insisted on going along. In my 15 years of marriage to his sister, never once had I seen Hasnain lose his cool, nor had my wife told me about him threatening them, not even in playful banter,” he added.

In the very next lane, Sabina’s younger sister Mariya Fakki’s husband Arfan sits surrounded by relatives. “He is in no position to talk. He has lost everything,” said his elder brother Ashfaq. “Their family get-togethers were usual. The usual practice was that the sisters went a day before, on Saturdays,” Ashfaq said.

On Saturday evening, Sabina Khan and Mariya Fakki left for Thane with their five children in an autorickshaw.

Police said Hasnain worked at a company, called Excelsior, in Mulund in 2012, followed by Atlantic Corporation in Thane. “It was a gradual progression and he moved companies after getting a promotion from accountant to senior accountant. After a brief period of unemployment, he started working at an accountancy firm in Vashi where he was earning Rs 25,000 per month,” said Ashutosh Dumbare, Joint Commissioner of Police, Thane.

A senior officer said the police are consulting psychiatrists on whether Hasnain was suffering from a psychological disorder. An officer added that they are also trying to check if Hasnain was “under somebody’s influence”. Eight teams, some of which are fanning out beyond the city, have been formed. The police are looking for babas who Hasnain might have consulted.

“We are waiting for the forensic report that will prove if there were sedatives in the food,” Dumbare said.

An officer also said it appeared that only Hasnain’s father Anwar managed to put up a fight. His’ is the only body with ‘defence wounds’ in the form of cuts on his fingers. The others may have been killed when unconscious, for there are no signs of resistance.

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  1. R
    Mar 1, 2016 at 5:03 pm
    Mental disorders is something that people need to be made aware of. Studies say 1-2 out of every 10 person has some form of destructive mental disorder. Most heinous are Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial personalities. Other kinds like depressive or schizophrenia is self harming. Unfortunately everything is made into political issue. I suspect Rohith Vemula suicide was actually a case of some form of mental illness too.
    1. F
      Mar 1, 2016 at 3:10 am
      Human mind is sometimes really mysterious and devlish. His sending the SMS shows how devilishly his mind was planning it out. It's,Well and truly, baffling why such things happen. Horrible and extremely painful happening, which is hard to understand !
      1. J
        Mar 3, 2016 at 12:33 pm
        I strongly suspect another angle to this m murder. What if some other person is involved in the murder and have implicated Husnain. The first doubt came to my mind when I heard that Husnain's dead body was found hanging with the murder weapon gripped in his right hand. How is that possible? Whenever a person hangs himself, our w body is stretched out, our fist opens up so how is it that he is still holding the weapon? The other thing - how did he tie the knot in the first place with the murder weapon still in hand? There are numerous other things which I am sure the authorities will also be looking out for. Anyways, I think this murder will turn out to be a mystery like the Aarushi murder case.
        1. manish joshi
          Mar 1, 2016 at 5:08 am
          He has done this fully concious and aware as it seems. Unbelievable. Other than some bad soul consuming your body what else it could be. My prayers for the piece of departed souls. I am sure they are at better place now.
          1. Sam N
            Mar 1, 2016 at 5:12 pm
            i think we need to see in husnains point of view. he was well educated, accountant and had knowledge of share trading business. may be he lost lots of crores in share trading or took huge sum of loan in business which he couldnt repay. and also he was reserved type of guy who rarely talk and shares about his money losses and his problems. i think he was mentally depressed coz of money loss and couldnt sleep thinking about crores he lost. this family is well known and proud family in thier locality and reserved and proud kind of people who usually dont share thier inner family matters outside. may be husnain thought if he attempt suicide coz of money loss then it will be like a shame for his wife, parents and siblings in thier society so he killed everyone.
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