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Designer Wendell Rodricks may be too shy to read a large passage from his book,The Green Room.

Written by Afsha Khan | Published:August 9, 2012 1:39 am

Designer Wendell Rodricks may be too shy to read a large passage from his book,The Green Room (published by Rupa; Rs 995). But as a writer,he finds himself extremely confident. A collection of memoirs,the book was recently released by Malaika Arora Khan,who is also pictured on the cover,in a candid shot from a show in the ’90s.

With more than two decades in the fashion industry,Rodricks has a lot of influences to work with,knowledge to reveal and stories to share. His first book Moda Goa: History and Style (HarperCollins) — which released in February this year — is in his words “a document” of culture and style across the region.

“It has a lot of text that I wrote,but with The Green Room,I’ve really come into my own as a writer,” he says. With a bit of advice from writer Amitav Ghosh,who read its first draft,and a great deal of editing,the narrative,written in four months took two years to get published.

The book is a compilation of the designer’s memoirs,which he describes as “a 360-page tweet”. It has anecdotes from his childhood as a skinny boy,scared of everything,including the aftershocks of earthquakes,to an adult who vowed to send pocket money to his younger brother from Muscat,where he worked in the hospitality industry in the ’80s. “It was very cathartic to write all of this down,” he says,revealing that he also wanted to put in a few family recipes,which are a significant part of his life. “But the editors did away with them because there was already so much in it that they didn’t want to confuse the readers,” he concludes.

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