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Performance Poetry

By: Entertainment Feature Service | Published on:March 15, 2014 12:00 am

Hans Magnus Enzensberger is considered to be Germany’s most important living poet. He is a dynamic writer working across media, from theatre to children’s books. To celebrate the poet, translator and editor’s 85th birthday, the Goethe-Institute is putting up a show that will have a band offer musical renditions of his work, A History of Clouds, on March 24 at the Experimental theatre, National Centre for the Performing Arts.

Enzenberger has lived through the Third Reich and the Cold War and this has had a deep impact on his work. The poet looks at everyday objects and occurrences and extrapolates these ideas to the ephemerality of human life. These thoughts are set against a historical and political backdrop.

The recent concert in Kolkata had a performance artiste reciting Enzensberger while a band backed him up. The performance in Mumbai, however, will not have the performance piece, but a narrator will read from his work, while a multi-national band plays a mix of rock, jazz and progressive rock tunes.

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