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Passage of history

canvas-L Soon after fashionista Catherine Courtney visited India, she captured the attention of the rich and famous with cabaret and fashion events at the property.
By: Entertainment Feature Service | Published on:August 3, 2014 4:50 am

Housed inside the heritage wing of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, a corridor — which has had heads of state, leaders of India’s independence struggle, maharajas and artists, among others, walk through — has now come alive with vintage photographs. The images on display show society ladies, who strutted with their pooches, Madame Pompadour’s spectacular fashion shows, jazz bands that played at the hotel and menus that offered oyster meals until 1 am. Taj’s archival corridor, which was inaugurated on the death anniversary of Jamsetji Tata, is on the first floor that leads to the banquet halls.

Over the years, the Taj Mahal Palace has archived many pieces of history in the form of photos, sketches of its architecture and memorabilia handed over by the guests. On the same floor, the hotel has planned to set up a museum-like window display that will be dedicated to music, fashion and letters left behind by its famous guests, among other collectibles.

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