New to Mumbai: ‘Language is big problem’, says Shankuraj Konwar

Konwar finds the giant city of Mumbai completely different from his small hometown Jorhat.

Written by Sukrita Baruah | Mumbai | Published: November 2, 2016 2:39:28 am
Shankuraj Konwar. Shankuraj Konwar.

Shankuraj Konwar (24) came to Mumbai in June 2016 from Assam to pursue a masters degree. He says that he chose to study here because he wanted to try the experience of living in a big city. He finds the giant city of Mumbai completely different from his small hometown Jorhat. He finds language to be a problem at times, even though he can speak Hindi and English.
He says that the city was an experience in itself: “When I first got here, I felt really small and intimidated. I felt all my confidence seep out of me on my very first day. I can say that I really experienced what it feels to be outside my comfort zone.”

What he likes:
“I really like the sea. I also like the fact that the city was born of seven islands; the idea fascinates me.” He says that he has had many pleasant experiences of meeting new people and making friends, getting lost in the city and finding his way back home again, spending hours by the Marine Drive and experiencing college life again.
He feels that everyone here is passionate about something which seems to bring the city to life. “I feel the city is always alive.”

What he dislikes:
“The rain really gets under my skin,” he complained, adding that the heavy traffic often poses a problem for him. When he moved to the city, he had expected a major culture shock, but had never expected the people to be so helpful. He describes the rickshaw and taxi drivers as ‘unexpectedly gentle’.

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