Mumbai Underground: MotorCycle Diaries

Published:October 21, 2013 1:57 am

Within two days of his motorcycle being stolen,a police inspector from a station in the western suburbs,tracked it down and recovered it. After the Bullet was stolen from outside the police station,CCTV footage from the area was duly collected and scanned. The officer said he had not displayed the ‘police’ tag on the bike as he,at times,follows criminals discreetly. A map of the area had been enlarged and with the help of the CCTV footage,police personnel figured out the direction in which the bike was spotted in different CCTVs and zeroed in on an area around two km away from the police station.


A 14-storey trauma care centre in Jogeshwari is ready to open its gates to the public today,with state-of-the-art facilities,solar panels and bell services at bedside,just like in private hospitals. However,its elevator system is likely to leave the hospital authorities red-faced. On Saturday,when a group of people,including senior BMC officials and journalists,boarded the elevator on the seventh floor,they perhaps felt that even as they wished to go higher,their infrastructure pulled them down. Instead of escalating to the thirteenth floor,the elevator slowly slumped to the ground floor. An embarrassed BMC official,who was earlier boasting about the infrastructure at the centre,sheepishly said,“Ho jata hai kabhi kabhi (This happens,at times)”.


Senior Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi has returned to Mumbai after a trip to Lonavala. Although Sena president Uddhav Thackeray asserted his hold over the party,it has not stopped sainiks from discussing recent developments. At a shakha in Dadar,sainiks were spotted having an animated discussion on Joshi’s fate. Interestingly,nobody knew where ‘sir’ had gone. Later,it turned out that Joshi was resting at his Lonavala catering institution. A senior leader said,“Joshi must have gone to a cooler climate as politically,it was quite hot and unbearable in the party.” He hastily added,“Now,we all wonder what’s cooking in Lonavala?”


Senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde may have been disqualified from contesting the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) presidential election but that hasn’t deterred him from pursuing his agenda. Munde said,“I may be down but not out”. As a member of MCA,I will have ample opportunities to knock out MCA president Sharad Pawar. Munde hopes to expose the corruption in MCA. Also,he has another little-known agenda – to oppose “cheer girls”. Munde said,“I had never opposed Pawar’s involvement in cricket. I was opposed to corruption in cricket that I felt he was not tackling. And of course,I am opposed to cheer girls.”

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