Ajmal Kasab ‘never asked’ for mutton biryani, I cooked it up: Ujjwal Nikam

That one remark of Nikam had led to public demands for a quick trial.

Written by Aamir Khan | Mumbai | Updated: March 21, 2015 11:06 am
Ujjwal Nikam Ujjwal Nikam

Ujjwal Nikam, the special public prosecutor who argued on behalf of the state during the 26/11 Mumbai attack trial, disclosed Friday that executed terrorist Ajmal Kasab had “never demanded nor was he given” mutton biryani while in custody. He said he “made up the statement… just to divert people’s attention”.

That one remark of Nikam had led to public demands for a quick trial. It became a common refrain on social media and elsewhere — “why feed them biryani” became a catchphrase whether it was a discussion on Afzal Guru or the Coast Guard’s sinking of a Pakistani boat off the coast of Gujarat.

Nikam, who made this admission at a counter-terrorism conference in Jaipur Friday, told The Indian Express later: “Media has to play a responsible role and has to be vigilant. They hyped his tears and portrayed him as a scapegoat, a young boy, which was not right.

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Following the media hype, I saw a tilt in people’s perspectives. It was then that I made up the statement and said he (Kasab) had demanded mutton biryani just to divert the people’s attention.”

“There was a hullabaloo after the media reported that Kasab had turned emotional and was crying during the trial. There should not be a media trial as Kasab was not repenting, he was only pretending,” Nikam said.

Senior lawyer Rohini Salian, who was public prosecutor in prominent trials including the Ghatkopar and Mulund bomb blasts case, said such a comment should never have been made by an officer of the court.

“We are representatives of the public as well as the society. As an officer of the court, I have no right to come to a conclusion. It is my duty to present the truth to the court and then leave it to the court to take a decision. As prosecutors, we can’t be biased. We must present the case independently and without hatred for anyone,” Salian said, adding that prosecutors must not make comments for publicity.

Abbas Kazmi, the lawyer who represented Kasab during the 26/11 trial, slammed Nikam, saying he had insisted all along that Kasab never asked for biryani.

“Nikam also claimed that Kasab had demanded expensive perfume. That too wasn’t the case. Kasab told me the toilet in his cell had a broken flush and he, therefore, requested some ittar.” Kazmi said Nikam had “no right to instigate the common man… it was unethical, immoral and was meant to misguide the court”.

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  1. S
    Feb 12, 2016 at 9:33 am
    People are so sympathetic to the terrorist. Hope people wont say the photo image of him walking with gun in the railway station is photoshop by Modi and team. When its very evident whatvhe did, does it really matter if PP lied to bring back the attention and stop hype by media. Its for good and always for good. Any lies in that direction is acceptable
    1. R
      R.A Kokiloo
      Feb 11, 2016 at 5:48 pm
      This is my India gt; Pinning anybody, putting innocents on false trial is a common feature of law (Advocate) fraternity. What else has remained to discuss.................
      1. T
        Feb 12, 2016 at 8:05 am
        This is why every stani feel that Parion from India was the best thing ever happened to them.These kind of behavior against another done with malicious intent always divide people and nations.
        1. S
          Mar 21, 2015 at 4:19 pm
          Only in our country a person can proudly say he is a liar and public will still support him!! This lawyer's actions where unethical and immoral.
          1. P
            Mar 21, 2015 at 9:37 am
            This admission just shows that he influenced public opinion. Can anyone imagine that Kasab was innocent. Justice was done, court was not influenced by Nikam's statement or public opinion. The 160 odd people who died by the hands of these terrorists were common people who did not have anything to do with stan. Can anyone make the mistake of thinking that Kasab was a kid.... he was a terrorist...
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