‘Hunting is cruel, harms environment’

Quest asked students of Mumbai schools: Is hunting bad or good for the environment?

(Source: Express photo by Pradeep Yadav) (Source: Express photo by Pradeep Yadav)
By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published on:September 1, 2014 1:44 am

According to me, animals shouldn’t be hunted and used for selfish needs of man. Hunting of animals should be banned as it creates an imbalance in environment. Example: Extinction in the tiger species. Animals have done nothing to deserve this but still they get killed for no reason. While animals are been hunted they also feel pain, as humans have a nervous system which allows them to feel pain. In today’s day, man has being self centered and greedy. The day is not far when man will realize the ill-effects of hunting animals. Animals are been hunted for thrill but why don’t he understand that a balance in the environment should be maintained for his benefit. Man is the creator of crisis, happening recently in the environment. So I feel that hunting is dangerous for the Environment.
Deepanjali Mishra, IX-F, St. Xavier’s High School, Borivali (E)

A drastic rise in the number of species encoutering extinction has brought us to realize that the preservation ands protection of wildlife is certainly not as easy as we think. One of the major threat to wildlife from us is hunting. Human beings have been using countless hunting methods since the begining. Earlier the main or rather the sole motive was to obtain food for survival. However nowadays hunting is used for incredibly large number of purposes and sadly also for fun. But is it really worth killing the beautiful creation of nature to feed ones agreed? Hunting has brought an end to numerous species and to manipulate the wildlife in such a cruel way is something I consider completely atrocious. Therefore in my opinion hunting is bad for the environment.
Juhi Sawant, Grade 10, Ryan Global School, Andheri

According to me, animal hunting should be banned. It is cruel and I oppose the ignorant and barbaric slaughter of such innocent animals. I cannot stand the thought of killing animals for thrill as it gives pain to the animals just like humans have a nervous system which allows them to feel pain. Also, this causes extinction to the species and it gets declining which creates a imbalance in the environment. E.g.: Cheetah’s face high mortality rates due to inbreeding issues.  Hunting is the form of legal mass murder. Now, who is the culprit of this imbalance in environment?

The answer is Man, Who is being self centered, greedy and selfish. It is imperative that man soon comes to his senses and understand that a balance should be maintained in the environment and realize the ill effects of hunting. So, I personally feel that hunting is bad for the environment.
Medini Ghag, IX-D, St. Xavier’s High School, Borivali (E)

I still run into people who think that sport hunting is anti-environmental. Consequently, I want to restate that when the overall picture of wildlife and natural environments is taken collectively from the standpoint of their health and well being, hunters are …continued »

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