Cops say camera across street captured images of suspect leaving apartment

Written by Gautam Sandip Mengle | Mumbai | Published: April 19, 2014 1:01 am

The Navghar police, probing the murder of 70-year-old Laxmi Naik, following an alleged robbery bid at her residence on Tuesday night, on Friday said they found their first possible suspect in the case, and were working towards locating him. The police said the CCTV camera placed across the street had captured images of the suspect exiting the building.

Naik, who stayed with her sister Leela (60) in the Pragati Apartment in Gawanpada, Mulund (east), was allegedly found bound and gagged in her house, while Leela was out on Tuesday night.

A post mortem report had indicated that she had choked on the large piece of cloth stuffed in her mouth. Cash and valuables worth Rs 46,000 were reportedly found missing from Naik’s residence. The Navghar police had registered a complaint of murder and kidnapping.

“Shortly after we received information about the murder, we sent sniffer dogs to the house, and one of them had picked up a scent. The dog followed the scent from the house all the way to platform 4 of the Bhandup railway station. We then started scanning CCTV footage of a camera mounted on a shop across the street, and spotted a person in a blue checked shirt leaving the building in the same direction,” said Police Sub-Inspector S R Dhayalkar of Navghar police station.

The police have now requested CCTV footage from the Bhandup and several other railway stations on the fast line in order to further establish his movements.

“We are also taking several stills of the man that will be sent for image enhancement. We will then show it to Naik’s family and acquaintances to see if anyone recognises him. The possibility of the murderer being known to Naik cannot be ruled out as there was no sign of forced entry into the house, suggesting that she knew the perpetrator,” Dhayalkar added.

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