City anchor: Safety first,say innovative IIT Bombay students

IIT Bombay students have designed a helmet that will not allow a two-wheeler to start unless the rider is wearing it.

Written by Mihika Basu | Published: February 28, 2013 12:32 am

IIT Bombay students have designed a helmet that will not allow a two-wheeler to start unless the rider is wearing it. This is one of the products created by students as part of their winter internship. Designed by students Sanchar Sharma and Sharat Reddy,the product includes two capsules,one for the helmet and another that has to be fitted to the bike.

“The concept can work on any bike. Sensors are fitted and there is a transmitter and a receiver. The bike won’t start unless the rider wears the helmet. There is a huge market for this product and the concept is feasible,but requires ground testing before it is commercialised. We are looking at potential investors,” said Rajesh Gangar,director of ‘Creative Concepts’,which converts students’ innovations into products and takes them to the market.

The students conceptualised and designed the products,which focus on safety and health aspects,during their internship at Creative Concepts. Patents have been filed for all the student innovations. “We have patented over 50 such innovations and most of them focus on social implications. What is significant is that they have all been developed by students. This shows that there is a lot of talent among our youth,we just need to give them the right platform to take their ideas to the next level,” said Gangar.

Yet another innovation,which arrests cigarette smoke,is an attempt to reduce passive smoking. We have developed a product which could reduce the extent of passive smoking. By using this product,the person smoking can exhale the smoke into it,which will trap the harmful components of smoke and release filtered air,” said Abhimanyu Kumar ,an IIT Bombay student who designed the product along with Alok Neel.

Another IIT Bombay student,Shantanu Thakar,has conceptualised a water barrier for ground floor homes and farm land and works on the principle of a dam. “It can work as a frame,which is attached to the door,and another one is portable. They can be used both in urban and rural areas. It can also help in water harvesting,” said Thakar. The product can be designed in various shapes and sizes to suit individual needs.

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