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Building can have 18 floors: Aviation ministry team

The structure coming up at sector 5, in Dharavi. ( Source: Express photo by Kevin D’Souza ) The structure coming up at sector 5, in Dharavi. ( Source: Express photo by Kevin D’Souza )
Written by Manasi Phadke | Mumbai | Published on:May 13, 2014 3:39 am

Having surveyed the actual site, a team from the Ministry of Civil Aviation has indicated that it should be possible to allow the only under-construction building in the state government’s ambitious Dharavi redevelopment plan to go as tall as 18 floors, of 75 metres, despite its proximity to the airport.

Work on the building has been in slow gear for nearly nine months now for want of a no-objection from the ministry as it is located in close proximity to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Satish Gavai, chief executive at the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA), said, “Although we haven’t received a formal clearance yet, the team that had surveyed the site observed that there are several other buildings between the airport and this structure that are much taller. They have communicated to us, that in principle, allowing the Dharavi building more height according to our proposal should not be a problem.”

Buildings coming up in proximity to the airport have to get a ‘No Objection Certificate’ for a height clearance from the Airport Authority of India to ensure airspace around airports is free of any obstacles and highrises do not interfere with radar signals or flight paths. The site on which the building is being constructed falls within a five-kilometre radius from the airport.

An engineer working on the project said that MHADA had sought a clearance from the ministry to construct a 75-metre tall building. “Some of the structures located in between this building and the airport are as tall as 84 metres. After the team’s visit, our chief executive had also written a letter to the ministry requesting them to take up our proposal in their upcoming meeting scheduled some time this month and clear it at the earliest possible,” he said.

As of now, the building, the construction of which had started early in 2013, has been completed till 13 floors or up to a height of 56 metres.

The C-shaped high-rise will have 21 tenements on each floor connected by a long corridor and will accommodate 358 slum-dwellers.

Besides focusing on completing this building, the housing authority is also looking to start the construction of a second building, which will require an environment clearance and a heritage clearance besides the aviation ministry’s height clearance.

The state government has entrusted the redevelopment of sector five of Dharavi to MHADA, while the revamp of the other four sectors will be undertaken by the state’s Dharavi Redevelopment Authority. For these sectors, the government is still in the process of finalizing the bid documents to kick-start redevelopment here. In sector five, MHADA has planned to build a total of 9,600 tenements to rehabilitate slum-dwellers.

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