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BMC’s plan for new trash bins stuck

Yet to get appropriate response from solid waste management department, say civic officials. Yet to get appropriate response from solid waste management department, say civic officials. (Source: Express archive)
Written by Tanushree Venkatraman | Mumbai | Published on:August 15, 2014 3:12 am

The civic body’s two-year old plan of placing 687 new trash bins along drains across the city is still in the doldrums. The plan to increase the number of trash bins was initiated in 2012 to prevent citizens from throwing garbage in drains and clogging up nullahs, leading to water-logging.

The stormwater drains department (SWD) of the BMC had directed all ward offices to create a list of places with a substantial amount of garbage accumulation. “The drains in the city are used as dumping grounds, especially in slum pockets where people throw garbage into  drains. This also results in unhygienic conditions. The placement of additional trash bins will reduce our work, but we haven’t got an appropriate response from the solid waste management (SWM) department which is responsible for the placement of the bins,” said L S Vhatkar, chief engineer, SWD.

Of the 687,  220  trash bins were to be placed in the F/North ward (which includes areas like Sion and Matunga). This is followed by the G/South (areas near N M Joshi marg) ward where 66 trash bins were to be placed along the drains, and the G/North (Dadar) ward with 65 bins.

BMC had also suggested the placement of 61 trash bins in the S ward (which covers Bhandup) and the K/East ward (which covers Andheri).

“Despite telling the civic body many times to make housing societies nearby responsible for the trash bins, they haven’t placed it yet. Even if the civic body undertakes desilting work before monsoons, huge amount of plastic waste  remains,” said civic activist James John.

BMC has also failed to install trash bins across 5,000 public locations, though the civic panel had approved the contracts in October last year.

An official from the SWM department said, “We have worked as per the list and the plan of placing the trash bins along the drains is in process. However, there are many spots in the list where we are finding it difficult to place the bins because of limited access in these slum pockets.”

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