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BMC to start campaign to raise awareness on waste segregation

The civic administration has allocated around Rs 44 crore to increase awareness among citizens regarding waste management.

Written by Tanushree Venkatraman | Mumbai | Published: July 14, 2014 9:07 am
The city generates 6,500 metric tonnes of waste daily The city generates 6,500 metric tonnes of waste daily.

In an effort to ensure 100 per cent segregation of waste in the city, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to start a ‘public awareness campaign’ through which the civic body aims to educate Mumbaikars about the importance of segregating dry and wet waste.

The civic body has invited tenders for the campaign and will chart out an information, education and communication strategy to spread the message. “We have received bids from 10 companies, but are still inviting tenders. We will put across posters, banners in the city and also publish advertisements in television, newspapers and radio to increase awareness,” said a senior civic official from the solid waste management department.

The civic administration, in its 2014-15 budget, has allocated around Rs 44 crore to increase awareness among citizens regarding waste management, to improve civic sense and also streamline the role played by NGOs in this process. “The door-to-door collection and segregation of wet and dry waste is expected to decrease the amount of solid waste that goes to the three dumping grounds. We are not able to achieve this because residents do not comply and still hand-over mixed wastage to collectors,” the official added.

The municipal solid waste management (SWM) bylaws of 2006 mandates for segregation of waste at source by residential societies. The punishment for repeated non compliance could even result in imprisonment for the defaulting society or the flat owners. At present, the city generates 6,500 metric tonnes of waste daily. The BMC collects door-to-door waste but officials complain less than 2% waste gets segregated. “Even if households take the effort and separate the wet and dry waste, the collectors mix the two in the garbage trucks. The civic body had planned for separate tempos carrying only dry wastage, which hardly runs as per schedule. The civic body in no way can blame residents for non-compliance,” said Nikhil Desai, a resident activist from Matunga.

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    Prashant Gupte
    Mar 14, 2016 at 5:54 pm
    In this 44 Cr. amount we can give our zero garbage system to many society in mumbai. Those unit will destroy total garbage without segregation. To educate people is very tough and time consuming task and which will not 100% results our unit you will get immediate result and not to collect plastic for recycle. In this recycle you again pollute environment at far distance form your house. I really surprise that people happily pay big amount on destroying / damaging the environment.They ready to pay for cars,air conditions ,fridge and so many goods. But when question come about to clear environment,destroy garbage they took calculator to calculate the amount ,how much we spend on destroying garbage,is this project is viable ,economical and so on. They do not calculate / add health,clean environment,pollution value in this .only in money. please check this link. Prashant Gupte 9324037828. Thane