At least Modi-led govt won’t be remote-controlled, says Anna

Anna Hazare Anna Hazare

Despite being critical of Narendra Modi’s Gujarat development model, Anna Hazare has said a Modi-led government, if elected to power, would perform “slightly better” than the present one at the Centre. “At least it won’t be remote controlled from outside,” the anti-graft crusader told The Indian Express.

However, he added that Modi was still not the ideal choice for the top post. “He won’t be in a position to introduce major reforms like Right to Reject, Right to Recall or decentralisation of powers up to the gram panchayat level. In fact, neither Modi nor Rahul Gandhi can do that. As long as paksh and parties dominate the electoral process, the country is unlikely to get true democracy,” he said.

Hazare also hinted he was set to initiate another nationwide citizens’ movement after the Lok Sabha polls. “There is a need to spread awareness that people must rise above party politics and send individuals of proven integrity to Parliament. It does not matter if such individuals sit in power or in opposition,” he said, adding that his campaign had the backing of about 40 like-minded activists. He also clarified he does not plan to contest elections in the future.

Hazare slammed the Gujarat development model, stating that his anti-graft outfit, Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Samiti, had received several corruption complaints under Modi’s reign in the state. “If the Gujarat CM was sincere in weeding out corruption, why has he not fully empowered the state Lokayukta?” Hazare said.

Hazare also reiterated that it was Arvind Kejriwal’s hunger to become PM that brought about the downfall of the AAP government in the Capital. “I have already said it was a mistake,” Hazare said.