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After heavy rains, Vehar lake overflows

The total usable content of the lake has crossed over 2.7 thousand million litres. The total usable content of the lake has crossed over 2.7 thousand million litres.
By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published on:September 2, 2014 2:45 am

With heavy rains lashing the city in the past 48 hours, the Vehar lake started overflowing on Monday, with the total usable content crossing over 2.7 thousand million litres. The Vehar lake is the fifth of the seven major lakes supplying water to the city to overflow in the past two months of the monsoon, having received 2,563 mm rainfall in the last three months.

While Tulsi and Modak Sagar lakes started overflowing in July, Tansa and Middle Vaitarna started overflowing in August. As of September 1, the total water stock in all the seven lakes is 13.97 lakh million litres, as compared to 12.59 lakh million litres recorded the same day last year, an increase of over 1 lakh million litres. The seven lakes together received rainfall of more than 500 mm in a single day on Monday.

By October, the city needs a water stock of 14.47 lakh million litres till the onset of the next monsoons. As per the current levels, the city needs only 50,000 million litres more. Since the onset of the monsoons on June 1, the catchment areas have received more than 15,000 mm rainfall.

However, the Bhatsa lake, which accounts for more than 50 per cent of the city’s water supply, is still short by 2 metres of reaching its maximum capacity. During the monsoon season, it should reach its maximum limit of 142.07 metres to ensure sufficient water supply to the city for the rest of the year. The level currently stands at 140.85 metres.

The total usable content in Bhatsa, as of Monday, stands at 683,565 million litres, as opposed to 675,060 million litres recorded last year, a difference of more than 8,000 million litres.

“The city received good rainfall in July, which helped us roll back the water cuts and we also didn’t have to opt for cloud seeding after a dry spell in June,” said a senior civic official.

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