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Aditya’s men visit Don Bosco, get exam date on Gudi Padwa changed

Aditya visits Balasheb Thackeray’s memorial at Kala Talav in Kalyan Tuesday. (Express) Aditya visits Balasheb Thackeray’s memorial at Kala Talav in Kalyan on Tuesday. (Express photo)
Written by Dipti Ramesh Sonawala | Mumbai | Updated: March 5, 2014 9:26 am

Activists of Yuva Sena met the principal of Don Bosco Boys’ School in Matunga Tuesday, asking him to re-schedule exams due on March 31, as the festival of Gudi Padwa and the Maharashtrian new year fell on the same day this year. 

According to Yuva Sena members, they approached the school authorities after receiving complaints from some parents.

In response to a letter submitted by Yuva Sena activists, the principal wrote a note, which reads: “Dear Aditya, it was an oversight, please excuse. There is no exam scheduled on Gudi Padwa. The revised time-table will be made available if required.”

Yuva Sena activist and senate member of the University of Mumbai, Pradeep Sawant, who met the school authorities, said they did not resort to coercion. He said school principal Father Bosco D’Mello gave them a patient hearing and agreed to re-schedule the exams.

“There was a misunderstanding, which we realised and it was rectified,” D’Mello said.

Aditya Thackeray, president of Yuva Sena, said, “The Yuva Sena believes a child of any religion, caste, creed should be able to enjoy the jovial atmosphere in his or her family during a festival of national or religious importance. More than the religious sentiment, the child is under stress due to exams, and therefore, should be in the same jovial mood on the festival day. It is the basic right of the child, which is often violated in the name of discipline and education. It is kind of the principal to accept the fault and shift the date.”

First Published on: March 5, 20141:54 am
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