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‘Accused’s friends have deposed against him’

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published on:April 23, 2014 3:06 am

Special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam on Tuesday told a sessions court that three close friends of Sajjad Ahmad Mughal alias Sajjad Pathan (22), accused of molesting and murdering 26-year-old lawyer Pallavi Purkayasta, have deposed against him and supported the prosecution’s case.

Referring to testimonies provided by Pathan’s fellow security supervisors, Nikam told the court during final arguments in the case that the witnesses informed the police about Pathan’s exact movement on the intervening night of August 8 and 9, 2012.

“Pathan called one of his security supervisor friends and confided in him. He confessed to having killed Purkayastha. Pathan also asked the friend for money to return to his hometown in Jammu. But, the friend refused to pay,” argued Nikam. Pathan was arrested on August 9, while he was allegedly trying to escape to Jammu.

According to the prosecution, Pathan had purposely fidgeted with the electric switch board of Purkayastha’s rented apartment in Himalayan Heights B wing at Wadala. “According to the electrician working at the residential complex, Pathan had met him at the building lobby and was seen fidgeting with the electric wires,” Nikam argued.

In his statement, a witness claimed that Pathan went to Purkayastha’s residence after she called the security guards and complained of a power cut. “Pathan stole a spare key lying on the kitchen platform and later at night, entered the house and attacked Purkayastha with a knife,” Nikam told the court.

Purkayastha was reportedly severely injured with a cut on her lip, besides several serious injuries on her chest and hands. Purkayastha’s live-in partner and lawyer Avik Sengupta was out on work, and according to the prosecution, he was the first one to find her lying dead in a pool of blood. Sengupta, too died in November 2013 after prolonged illness. In his deposition, just a few months before his death, Sengupta told the court that on several instances, Purkayastha had complained to him about Pathan.

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