A day to go, candidates hold their nerves

A look at how candidates from Mumbai’s six constituencies prepare for the D-day.

Workers prepare 2,000 kgs of laddoos ordered by the BJP, in Girgaon on Wednesday. Ganesh Shirsekar Workers prepare 2,000 kgs of laddoos ordered by the BJP, in Girgaon on Wednesday. Ganesh Shirsekar
By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published on:May 15, 2014 1:43 am

Unlike other candidates, MNS’s Bala Nandgaonkar chose a vacation to escape election work. “It was my son’s summer break, so we went on a holiday to the US,” he said. “I am visiting families of jawans killed in Gadchiroli to express my condolence. It is sad to see the condition in which they live,” he said on Wednesday, adding that the party has already started celebrations for their ‘inevitable victory’. Sitting MP Milind Deora has been travelling regularly to Delhi for party work.

“I am catching up on some ministry work and then headed to Delhi for last meetings. Real relaxation will take place only after the results,” Deora said, adding that he will return to Mumbai for the counting. AAP’s Meera Sanyal, on the other hand, went to Varanasi for a few days. “For the past few days, we have been reviewing the campaign cost incurred. I am preparing for Election Commission’s permission to allocate our volunteers on counting day,” she said, adding that she celebrated with volunteers as they had done a lot of work post polls.

Congress’ Eknath Gaikwad, one of the oldest candidates in the city, and MNS’s Aditya Shirodkar, who is one of the city’s youngest candidate, have been at their respective offices for the past few days. Both are confident of winning the seat, and said they utilised their time meeting various people from the constituency and learning about their problems.

Gaikwad, who has been an MP from the constituency for two terms now, said he had been spending about three to four hours in his office every morning. “I am confident of winning, but even if I lose, I will continue going to office and address people’s issues. So, why stop now just before counting?”

Shirodkar’s campaign manager said while the past few days had been spent in preparation to take on all the tasks of an MP, he did take a few days off right after polls to take a short vacation within the state and attend a wedding.

AFTER intensive election campaigning and before the announcement of the results on Friday, candidates from the constituency have been using the breather to spend time with family and attend rallies of their parties’ leading national candidates. A day after Mumbai voted on April 24, BJP’s Poonam Mahajan travelled to Varanasi to join BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in a day-long rally.

She was followed by Priya Dutt, sitting MP of the constituency, who assisted in back-stage preparation for Rahul Gandhi’s road show there. Samajwadi Party candidate and hotelier Farhan Azmi attended 11 weddings in a week, and prepared for the launch of two more restaurants in the Basillico chain in Goa. He also managed to squeeze in a quick meeting with Uttar Pradesh …continued »

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