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3-yr-old amputee undergoes second surgery

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published on:May 30, 2014 5:19 am

Three-year-old Samruddhi Nagte, who lost her left leg in the Diva-Sawantwadi passenger train derailment near Roha earlier this month, underwent a second surgery for skin grafting on Wednesday at civic-run Sion hospital.

The girl had earlier undergone an amputation procedure on May 5, a day after the train accident, in the same hospital.

The hospital’s dean, Dr Avinash Supe, said, “Her surgery was successful. The stump on her left leg was covered with skin. We will now give her rest for another month before taking a call on her future treatment.”

Three days after Samruddhi was admitted in Sion hospital, the doctors had opened a sub-account in the hospital’s ‘poor box fund’ for collecting money for her future prosthesis. So far, a sum of over Rs 12 lakh has been donated by individuals and NGOs for her treatment.

According to Supe, depending on how fast Samruddhi grows, she may require a minimum of four prosthetic limbs until she turns into an 18-year-old.

Doctors said if Samruddhi’s amputated limb is healthy enough after a month, the hospital will arrange for a SACH (Solid Ankle, Cushion Heel) prosthetic foot for her. SACH is a lightweight and durable foot that is suitable for low foot activity.

“It feels great to get so much support from everyone,” said Harishchandra Chalke, Samruddhi’s uncle.

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