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238 shaky buildings,home to thousands

Written by Stuti Shukla | Mumbai | Published on:August 19, 2010 11:32 pm

Mumbai has 238 dilapidated buildings where thousands live at risk,the BMC admitted a day after a collapse in neighbouring Thane claimed 10 lives.

After a pre-monsoon survey,the BMC had tagged 272 buildings dangerous to live in during the season. Three were later demolished and 31 evacuated of residents. The original total included 226 private buildings (46 in the city,68 in the western suburbs and 115 in the eastern suburbs) and 46 municipal ones (23,12 and 11). The highest number of private dilapidated buildings,67,are in the L,M-east and M-west wards of Kurla and Chembur. In the island city,wards A,B,C,D and E have 15 “dangerous” municipality-owned buildings.

In the two-and-a-half months since the monsoon began,slabs and other portions of a few of these buildings have collapsed. So far,the BMC has evacuated 17 private buildings and 14 municipal ones; the three demolished ones were private.

After it has tagged a building dangerous,the BMC sends the residents eviction notices. Once a notice is served,director of engineering services Ashok Shintre said,it is up to the residents to leave or remain. “Private buildings are of no concern to the government. Residents of MHADA buildings or buildings that are being repaired by the MHADA repairs board get accommodation in their transit camps. Residents of BMC buildings who want to vacate can apply to the civic body for alternative shelter,” said Shintre.

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