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Unhygienic conditions reason behind diarrhea outbreak, says dist admn

Jaswinder Bhola blamed the MC as well as the hygiene equally. (Source: Reuters photo) Jaswinder Bhola blamed the MC as well as the hygiene equally. (Source: Reuters photo)
Written by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published on:July 27, 2014 5:06 am

While report of water samples is yet awaited, district administration on Saturday blamed unhygienic conditions as the main reason for diarrhea outbreak in Parkash Nagar. Till now more than 350 patients have reported in the health camp including 52 patients that turned up on Saturday.

Four persons also died, three from Parkash Nagar and one from Jawaddi village. Interestingly, of the 52 patients in Saturday’s camp, only two were from Parkash Nagar and the rest were from adjoining colonies Punjabi Bagh, Jawaddi Kalan, Jawaddi Khurd etc areas and hence raising a question mark over district administration as whether hygienic conditions were spread all over the colonies or leaking pipes were also contributing.

While councillor of ward number 59, Tanvir Dhaliwal blamed vehras of migrants as the sole reason where chances of mixing of drinking water with sewer water were the maximum, however, stomach infection was being reported even from middle class families in and around the area. Moreover, PAU’s microbiology department declared Punjab Mata Nagar’s water unfit for drinking which is about a km away from Parkash Nagar.

Jaswinder Bhola, councillor of ward number 60 from where the new patients are being reported, however, blamed the MC as well as the hygiene equally. He said, “I had been shouting in House Meetings four months back to get all the blocked sewer lines cleaned but no precaution was taken.

Meanwhile, DC Rajat Aggarwal asked residents to maintain hygiene. He added that about 150 illegal connections that were the source of the leakage have been disconnected.

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