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Now nukkad natak in favour of Modi

During the nukkad natak in Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, on Sunday. Gurmeet Singh During the nukkad natak in Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, on Sunday. Gurmeet Singh

Apart from election meetings and rallies, a group of volunteers who claim to be apolitical have started staging nukkad natak in favour of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and to make people aware of their voting rights.

The volunteers, about 50 in number, call themselves “Team Modi Punjab”. The group has mainly students and businessmen.

On Sunday, they staged a 12-minute play at Sarabha Nagar market. “I am the anchor of this play in which we are telling people to vote and also to choose the right candidate,” said Amandeep Singh, a Ludhiana-based businessman.

The artistes posed as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Arind Kejriwal and so on. Vishal Goyal played the role of Kejriwal and was called Treasuriwal. The volunteers called the AAP an extension of the Congress. They were seen speaking dialogues of politicians such as that the country was on a ventilator and was seeking a change. The issues like women’s safety and economic condition were projected in this play. Among those who participated in the play were Ashish Saluja and Akshay Resh.

Amandeep said that most of them had never done acting and they had prepared this play in about three days. The play was staged for the first time in Sarabha Nagar and would be enacted in other parts of the state in the coming days.

BJP district president Parveen Bansal had come to watch this play.

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