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Written by Sameer Kumar Sharma | Published on:May 11, 2009 1:28 am

There was a time when it was necessary for Dr Tej K Kaul to get his articles published in the medical journals so as to be eligible for a promotion. It was one of the main parametres for acquiring higher ranks.

A consultant in anaesthesiology at MM Institute of Medical Education and Research,Mullana (Ambala),Dr Kaul still spends three to four hours every day on publishing articles. The only difference is that now he is not publishing his own articles but the articles of the others. The ones sent to him by doctors from India as well as UK,USA,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Nepal.

And that is part of his job as the chief editor of Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology,which he is heading for the last eight years,after putting in 31 years at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital in the city. Dr Kaul,who is providing his professional services to various medical institutes regularly,has established himself as the longest serving chief editor of a medical magazine in any speciality in this part of the country.

The magazine is published by him for the Research Society of Anaesthesiology in the city itself and is circulated to more than 3,000 people worldwide,with about 150 libraries subscribing to it.

“Being the chief editor of the prestigious quarterly journal is a very difficult and time-consuming task,says Dr Kaul,“But it is something that gives me a kick and makes me feel ecstatic when I hold a new issue of the journal in my hand.”

“It has been an addiction for me all these years now and I cannot go to sleep unless I have read a few articles sent to me for my approval,discuss the possible changes to be made in the new edition among other things,” he beams,while editing an article.

The most welcome-change Dr Kaul effected in the 25-year history of the journal,however,remains to be the availability of the journal on the Internet. “I started the online edition of the journal in 2002 and all the archives of the journal can also be accessed on http://www.joacp.org,” he proudly says,adding the website now gets more than 1,000 hits a day. What is more,Dr Kaul has reduced to the paper work to nil as it has been made mandatory for the writers to submit the articles through electronic mail only.

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