Mayawati slams PM Modi govt’s Pak policy: ‘unstable, ineffective’

Urges BSP cadre to celebrate her birthday as Jan Kalyankari Diwas.

By: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: January 5, 2016 1:26 am
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ACCUSING the Narendra Modi government of having a “loose, unstable and ineffective” foreign policy for Pakistan, BSP chief Mayawati Monday said situation at the borders have remained as “insecure” as they were during the previous regime.

“The foreign policy of the Modi government, especially concerning Pakistan, seems to be inconsistent and ineffective because of which the situation on the borders was as insecure as before,” party workers who attended a meeting with Mayawati here, quoted her as saying.

Her remark comes against the backdrop of the ongoing operation at Pathankot air base in Punjab to flush out holed up terrorists.

In a statement released after the meeting, Mayawati said people expected stability in the country’s policy towards Pakistan after the formation of NDA government, especially when BJP leaders made sensational statements during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, but that has not happened. The government policy has been constantly changing and none of it seems to have worked, she said.

Attacking the Akhilesh Yadav government in Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati said anarchy was prevailing in the state, but Samajwadi Party leaders are busy in cycling, promoting family and family show (Saifai Mahotsav). She said this us why they failed to appoint the state police chief in time, she said.

Mayawati said the record of new DGP, S Javeed Ahmad, has been that of an “able, hardworking and honest” officer, but the “truth” is that no such IAS and IPS officers are allowed by the SP government to work as per law.

On the other hand, she alleged, corrupt officials belonging to a particular caste have been posted at the level of district, tehsil and block, and they neither work with honesty nor listen to their senior officers.

The BSP chief said that by misreporting facts before the Supreme Court on the issue of appointment of new Lokayukta, the SP government has committed a “black deed”. The SP government is not only flaying the constitutional provisions but also creating new controversies in appointments in constitutional institutions forcing courts to interfere, she said. “While the communal atmosphere in the state is being harmed because of BJP, the SP government appears to be totally negligent of it and this seems to be the outcome of the understanding between the two,” she said.

Mayawati said the communal atmosphere of the state is getting spoiled because of the BJP, but SP government seems completely free from these worries even though people across the country are worried about it.

She urged party leaders and workers to celebrate her 60th birthday on January 15 as Jan Kalyankari Diwas (public welfare day) by helping the poor and needy.

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  1. Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan
    Jan 13, 2016 at 3:32 am
    Brothers and sisters Jaibheem. Please watch the direct relay of birthday celebrations of our National President Behan Mayawatiji on January 15, 2016 at 12:30 pm on all National TV channels - N Mahesh Karnataka BSP State President- Jaibheem. Jan Kalankari Divas (People's welfare day) across the country on Ms Mayawati's Birthday on 15 Jan 2016. Programmes will be held at district level to extend help to the poor and the needy of Sarva Samaj (all Societies) on this day every year as social responsibility to make it a success because of the feeling of helplessness arising out of irresponsible and insensitive atude of both Central and SP governments as BSP is not just a party but also a movement, people have a lot of aspirations. The next edition of the book written by Mayawati 'A Travelogue of My Struggle-Ridden Life and BSP Movement' and the party calendar will also be launched that day. The BSP Chief reviewed organisational matters and ways and means to widen the base among the Sarv samaj. Pathankot attack Mayawati slams Modi for foreign policy Mayawati slams Murderer of democratic insutions (Modi) for foreign policy BSP supremo Mayawati on Monday came down heavily on Modi, saying the foreign policy, especially with regard to stan, was "inconsistent" because of which the country's borders were unsafe. The foreign policy of the Modi, especially concerning stan, seems to be "inconsistent and ineffective because of which the situation on the borders was as insecure as before", party workers who attended a meeting here with her quoted her as saying. Her remark comes against the backdrop of the ongoing operation at Pathankot air base to flush out d up terrorists. Mayawati said BJP leaders in their speeches during the Lok Sabha elections used to say things which indicated that there would be a shift in India's foreign policy towards stan and there will be stability...but the policy appears to be ineffective. On the Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh, she alleged that it does not have people's welfare, service or interest on its priority list leading to "anarchy" in the state. SP leaders are so busy in cycling, promoting family and in family show in Saifai Mahotsav that they did not have the time to appoint the state police chief in time, she said. Describing newly appointed DGP Javeed Ahmad as an able officer, she regretted that several such dedicated officers, both in IAS, IPS and other services were not allowed to work honestly under the SP government. .