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Kanpur businessman plotted wife’s murder; girlfriend, her driver helped

Businessman Piyush Shyam Dashani in police custody for plotting the murder of his wife, in Kanpur, Tuesday. (Below) Driver AwadheshSource: PTI Businessman Piyush Shyam Dashani in police custody for plotting the murder of his wife, in Kanpur, Tuesday. (Below) Driver Awadhesh Source: PTI
By: Express News Service | Kanpur | Published on:July 31, 2014 3:28 am

Kanpur-based businessman Piyush Shyam Dashani and his girlfriend’s driver were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly killing his wife Jyoti, whose body, punctured by stab injuries, was recovered from a car on Monday night. Police said Piyush allegedly planned the murder so that he could marry his girlfriend, who is daughter of a paan masala manufacturer and lives in his neighbourhood.

Piyush’s girlfriend, Manisha Makhija (27), has also been arrested for her role in the murder conspiracy.

Besides driver Awadhesh, his associate Renu Kannaujia was arrrested late in the evening. Two more accused, Sonu and Ashish, have been nabbed. The knife used in the crime is yet to be recovered. Cops have collected the CCTV footage showing the killers purchasing the weapon from a shop before the murder. Kanpur Range DIG RK Chaturvedi said: “Piyush has confessed to the crime and there are evidences against him corroborating his role.”

Kanpur Zone IG Ashutosh Pandey said Piyush had given Rs 50,000 to Awadhesh as advance and had assured him more after the murder. The accused were engaged in planning the murder since July 5. The IG added that primary investigation had found that Piyush had extramarital affairs and call details of his cellphone had showed he was in regular touch with several girls. “He had also spoken to Awadhesh and his girlfriend before leaving for the restaurant with his wife. Taking his wife for the dinner was part of the plan,” the officer added. He further said Ashish, an associate of Avadesh, had followed Piyush’s car on a bike after the couple left the restaurant.

During investigation, the police went through CCTV footages of the restaurant to see Piyush was behaving abnormally while sitting with his wife and had walked out of the restaurant for 20 minutes. He is seen continuously talking over his cellphone.

Besides other circumstantial evidences, Piyush emerged as a suspect as he reached police control room after an hour of the incident.

During his confession, Piyush told police that they were planning the murder since July 5 and had asked Awadhesh to arrange killers to execute the crime. He had assured them a hefty sum for the killing. They had earlier planned to strangulate and throw Jyoti’s body in river Ganga on July 20, but killers could not reach the spot following heavy rains, police said.

The accused further told the police that on July 27, he stopped the car near Company Bagh crossing while returning home with his wife. Awadhesh, Sonu and Renu were waiting for him on the roadside, while Ashish followed the car on the motorcycle. As soon as the car stopped, Piyush got down while Awadhesh took the driving seat. His associates moved into the back seat. …continued »

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