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In 100 days of Modi, have prices gone down, Sonia asks Rae Bareli villagers

Congress president Sonia Gandhi inside the hut of a villager, in Rae Bareli on Monday. ( Source: PTI ) Congress president Sonia Gandhi inside the hut of a villager, in Rae Bareli on Monday. ( Source: PTI )
Written by Maulshree Seth | Rae Bareli | Published on:September 2, 2014 10:23 am

Congress president Sonia Gandhi Monday slammed the Centre over rising prices after seeking opinion of villagers in her constituency, Rae Bareli, on whether they felt inflation has gone down in the 100 days of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government. “Mehngai kam hui kya (has inflation gone down?,” she asked locals while going village-to-village collecting applications and listening to their problems.

Stating that villagers were better judge of Modi’s 100 days and the promises he had made, she asked them: “Jawab do, kaise rahe yeh din? Kya vayede pure hue? Kya mehngai kam hui?(Answer me, how have been these days? Have promises been fulfilled? Has inflation gone down as promised?)”.

As villagers in Harchandpur block of Rae Bareli started narrating how rates of food items were going up, Sonia, talking to The Indian Express said, “This is the actual truth of 100 days of NDA government. They made many promises but fulfilled none”. This is Sonia’s first visit to villages of her constituency after Lok Sabha elections. During an earlier visit, she had spent just a few few hours thanking party workers for her victory.

Asked if Congress needed to become more aggressive in Uttar Pradesh, Sonia said, “We should become more aggressive everywhere. We are gradually picking up in UP”.

Sonia went door-to-door in five villages asking locals, especially women, about their problems. She started from Tanda village in Harchandpur block that gave her maximum votes during Lok Sabha elections. Villagers complained that for the past few months, they were hardly getting two to three hours of electricity in a day and even for these hours, the schedule was not regular. They said erratic power supply was affecting their crops.

In Rehanwa village too, locals said the minor canals were running dry affecting their irrigation. They asked Sonia to ensure better power supply. “There is major crisis of electricity here. Wherever I am going, people are complaining about electricity crisis, which is affecting their irrigation as well,” Sonia told The Indian Express.

Gopal Baheliya and his wife, from a Schedule Tribe, at Rehanwa village invited Sonia inside their hut and told her that despite various requests they have not been given a “pucca” house, which they are eligible for under welfare schemes. As other villagers also complained of similar problem, Sonia asked her staff to arrange for a camp in the village to ensure that eligible beneficiaries get the benefits.

Later she visited Fareedpur and Bakuliya villages and also offered prayers at a temple in Bheetargaon on the request of the villagers. In all these villages, she was given hundreds of applications by locals with complaints about works not being done or seeking sanctions for new works in their respective areas.

Later, Sonia inaugurated some development projects in her constituency. She …continued »

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