Article in RSS monthly: ‘Deendayal Upadhyaya was against Hindu-Muslim unity’

Written by Dr Mahesh Chandra Sharma, the article even claimed that Upadhyaya said that “a person turns an enemy of the nation after becoming a Muslim”.

Written by Lalmani Verma | Lucknow | Published: November 3, 2015 2:05 am

In the middle of a raging debate over the ‘climate of intolerance’ in the country, an article in RSS mouthpiece Rashtra Dharma has claimed that Sangh ideologue Deendayal Upadhyaya was against ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’ and believed that issue of ‘unity’ was ‘irrelevant’ and appeasement of the Muslims.

Titled “Muslim Samasya: Deendayal Ji Ki Drishti Mein”, the write-up appeared in a special edition of the Rashtra Dharma, which was released by Union Minister Kalraj Mishra in Lucknow on Sunday. This special issue of the monthly magazine is dedicated to Upadhyaya and carries articles about him and his views.

Written by Dr Mahesh Chandra Sharma, the article even claimed that Upadhyaya said that “a person turns an enemy of the nation after becoming a Muslim”.

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According to the article, Upadhyaya also believed that while a Muslim may be good individually, he in “bad in a group”, and further a Hindu – who may be bad individually — is “good as part of a group”. The author said that the difference in the nature of the groups must be understood.

When contacted, Rashtra Dharma editor Anand Mishra ‘Abhay’ said that special issue on Upadhyaya was compiled at a very short notice.

About the article on Muslims, Mishra said, “I agree with the facts given in the article. This is true that the Muslims could not unite with the Hindus. Muslims even fight among themselves and with other communities like the Sikhs and the Parsis. Ram Manohar Lohia also agreed with Upadhyaya’s views. It is necessary to learn from history to improve our present and future.”

In the article, the author further claimed that Muslims still dreamt about restoring the Mughal rule and that Pakistan was a medium to achieve that target. Talking about Upadhyaya views on Muslims and Hindus, the write-up added:

“Hindus are rich in religious tolerance. In one family, people of different faiths can reside. But, when a person becomes a Muslim, he adopts a new nature to convert people to Islam. A Muslim calls non-Muslims ‘Kaafir’ and does not tolerate them.”

Advocating political defeat of the Muslims, the article claimed that changing the mentality of Muslims in India would be difficult till Pakistan was defeated “politically”.

“Political defeat will end his aggressive attitude and he will return to his original Hindu nature,” read the article.

According to the author, Upadhyaya called those advocating Hindu-Muslim unity as ‘Muslimparast’ and opposed such ‘unity’ policy of the Congress.

“If the nation’s control is in the hands of those who belong to India but are not different from Qutubuddin, Allauddin, Muhammad Tughlaq, Firoz Shah Tughlaq, Shershah, Akbar and Auarangzeb, then it should be said that centre of their affection isn’t the Indian life,” it read.

Upadhyaya had established Rashtra Dharma Prakashan in Lucknow on August 15, 1947. Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpyaee had also served as its joint editor.

The special issue released on Sunday carried greeting messages from RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, senior BJP leaders LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, UP Governor Ram Naik, Governor of West Bengal Keshri Nath Tripathi, Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh, Goa Governor Mridula Sinha, Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy, Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat, Gujarat Governor OP Kohli, Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind and BJP chief Amit Shah.

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  1. Abansal Spslt
    Sep 28, 2016 at 1:26 pm
    I'm baffled. Mr Upadhyay is quoted as saying / writing, "Hindus are rich in religious tolerance." A look at the Indian scene today suggests otherwise - ask any dalit and you would know what it means to be at the other end of the religious tolerance of Hindu society. I'm honestly baffled, how could such vehemently religiously tolerant people devise, implement and maintain, for five thousand years, a system that exploits large segments of its own society for cheap labor and cleaning the toilets? We cannot sweep the atrocities of caste system under the carpet. lt;br/gt;Mr Upadhyay also says / writes, "In one family, people of different faiths can reside." Completely untrue! I haven't seen a single happy Hindu family where sons are Muslims and Christians and daughters are Sikhs and Buddhists or vice a versa. I know of a few Hindu families where the son-in-law is Tamil and daughter-in-law is Gujarati or Punjabi but they all have same faith - Sanatan dharm. Geographical locations do not change the faith. lt;br/gt;One more gem, "A Muslim calls non-Muslims ‘Kaafir’ and does not tolerate them." But doesn't a Hindu call Muslims and Christians "Malecch"? All social groups identify themselves and those who are outside of it with name tags like Christians and non-Christians and Jews and non-Jews. One doesn't need to feel offended by either the "kafir" for non-Muslims and "malecch" for non-Hindus. It is semantics.
    1. A
      Jan 29, 2016 at 8:55 am
      Yes it is true and I am fully agree what this article elaborate and bring our attention on, all Muslims from liberal to extremists believe in Koran though most of them never read it through or not aware of its teaching fully but they are aware of its essence one or other way, to summarize it, most of it teaching are to oppose to other religions or its followers, and hate them, they declare them as Kafir and it is legitimate to even kill them, and it is usually literally practice in many part of the world today, even Muslims fight among themselves on the issue of who is more legitimate Muslim than other, even in stan which is poted by almost all converted Muslims from Hindus have made law to declare Ahmadiya sects as Non Muslim and deprive them all benefits which they deserve as to be Muslim what an irony and hypocrisy is this , it does not matter how any Muslim explain it or misconstrued it according to the situation at hand which suit his interests, they all are threat to the nation and its thousands of years old core culture and civilization though not individually but in group as writer rightly pointing out, let alone invader history, incidents from independence till today give us the glimpse what the courage, will power and heroism Hindus kings must have had to not only face the challenge from barbaric mogul and Bin Kasim but not let them dismantle the core of the Bharatvarsh, Hindu, Hinduism and its culture ,civilization but they protected it efficiently too for a millennium one can proud of restlessly, endlessly, till today though wounded, it is intact and I believe whatever he claims to be, any Muslim moderate or extremists has that virus to see others as enemy and call them as Kafir not directly and take a sense of pride in that, though I believe that the virus reside in mind of individual in different stages can be termed as “Dormant”, “Active”, ”Hyper Active” from its very childhood or moment he convert into Islam due to purposeful brainwashing he goes through, same is true with Christianity they even pose greater threat as they are much more resourceful and educated but practice the same teaching of hate and superiority from others though in different way, having said that I believe to KILL AT ANY COST all those who pose any kind of threat to nation in general or to Hindus in particular and practice those teaching as a self right to protect ourselves and our heritage, it is foolish to say that when they will do harm or attack literally then one can only think like this, it is a cowardice approach to engage with visible enemy, a kind of ostrich behavior to remain in denial about clear threat, there is a clear cut approach to deal with it, one who spread hate or practice hateful teaching towards Hindu community, one whose ancestors are Aurangzeb, Akbar, Tipu sultan, Bin Kasim who not only invaded the Bharatvarsh but spread the barbarism and tried to crush the target Native communities with brute force, bring havoc and destruction to this land of great civilization, and they relate themselves to them as their hero, believe them as their Ideal can never be loyal and beneficiary to this land and its native Hindu community ever are legitimate to be killed at once at any cost, they should be given a clear warning either surrender and oppose that teachings and mentality or be ready to face the dire consequences, but we all Hindus must be unite from Kashmir to Kanyakumari dismantling every effort of enemies to put us apart on different trivial issues of Caste, Region etc to tackle this challenge ahead…..Jai Hind
      1. I
        Nov 4, 2015 at 10:03 am
        Why to give undue importance to an article written in some obscure journal? The narration of the article as it appears from the news report is prejudiced and parochial without any research gone into it. Why don't we agree that certain organisations have remained unchanged in their outlook to the world. For them there is no change in the world of 14th century and 21st century. In my view, religions actually are liability for further progress of human civilizations. They have outlived their utility. Religions have become instruments to divide the people and inflict misery on humanity. The irony is that we knowing all this yet fall prey to nefarious designs of religionists. Let us stop it. And put our all energy to make our world a better place to live.
        1. S
          Stephen Stephen
          Nov 3, 2015 at 8:28 pm
          This article proves that the RSS is a terrorist organization that wants all Muslims gone from India and they will do what is necessary to accomplish those goals. The editors of the magazine should be put in jail for incitement and for harming the sentiments of Muslims.
          1. S
            Suhel Khan
            Nov 3, 2015 at 8:15 pm
            RSS is known for its anti Muslim stance, but this article has crossed all limits. I think they are the anti-nationals who do not care for peace and harmony of the country. I as a Muslim, want to ask the RSS very respectfully that why do you carry this much hatred against Muslims who are an important part of this great Nation India. Muslims had made many sacrifices fighting for its freedom when you guys were nowhere to be seen. As an Indian I urge you to please stop vending hatred against Muslims. Your attempts to terrorise Muslims by marginalizing them is only going to hurt and slow down India's progress.
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