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Another twist: Meerut woman was ‘gangraped’ a month earlier also

The victim’s statement to doctors adds a new twist to the probe, said DIG, Meerut Range, K Satyanarayan.

Written by Abantika Ghosh | Meerut | Published: August 8, 2014 3:51 am
Members of UP State Women's Commission arrive at Sarawa village, Meerut, to meet the family members of the ‘gangrape’ victim in Thursday. (Source:PTI) Members of UP State Women’s Commission arrive at Sarawa village, Meerut, to meet the family members of the ‘gangrape’ victim in Thursday. (Source: PTI)

The Meerut woman who has alleged that she was gangraped and forcibly converted to Islam between July 23 and August 2, told doctors at the Mahila Chikitsalay in Meerut on August 3 that she was also gangraped almost a month earlier — on June 29 in a field several km from her home in Sarawa village of Hapur.

The hospital’s version of her statement, obtained by The Indian Express, quotes her as saying that on July 1 she missed her periods and seven days later suffered from “bleeding and discomfort,” which finally led to her surgery for ectopic pregnancy on July 23.

“I was tricked into sitting in Hafiz’s (Sanaullah) car on June 29 when I was returning home. He along with some other men took me to a field with a tubewell and gangraped me. I returned home and for the next eight days there was slight bleeding, I had difficulty in walking. On July 1, I missed my periods. Then I started bleeding from July 8 till July 23. I went to Hafiz who then took me to Muzaffarnagar for the operation.”

Sanaullah, a Muslim cleric and a resident of Sarawa, is on the run. He allegedly kidnapped her, forced her to convert and got her raped. Police have arrested the victim’s childhood friend Nishat for allegedly luring her to Islam, Sanaullah’s wife Samar Jahan for being party to the kidnapping and forced conversion and also the village pradhan Nawab for allegedly raping her and forcing her to convert to Islam.

The victim’s statement to doctors adds a new twist to the probe, said DIG, Meerut Range, K Satyanarayan. More so because, police said, there is evidence to show the woman spent time with Sanaullah and Nishat between June 29 and told them about her predicament. Her father says he is unaware of this statement.

When contacted, he said:: “I do not know what statement my daughter gave to the doctors and to police. I was asked to leave the room because they said she would not be able to give a statement in front of me. She never told us anything about the assault on June 29. Had she told us we would have created a ruckus and confronted Sanaullah even before going to the police. We would not have let her out. She was at home but we did not come to know about any physical discomfort either.

Her friend Nishat used to tell her to convert and then Sanaullah and Pradhan kidnapped, raped and converted her on July 23.”

Police, however, said they are investigating her statement to the doctors.  In his complaint to the police on August 3, her father had said that she was first kidnapped by the village pradhan and three others on July 23, gangraped and forced to convert in a madrasa in Hapur. The woman, in her statement to the police the same day, said she was kidnapped for a second time on July 30 and taken to a Muzaffarnagar madrasa where she was confined for several days before escaping.

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  1. M
    manohar sharma
    Aug 9, 2014 at 4:39 am
    This Main Stream Media is highly biased.Whenever there is a Muslim that gets affected,its news for days everywhere(print and TV).But when its against any non-Muslim it is treated with kid gloves.Has any of these media types said any thing about the religion of affected people in Saharanpur.If it happened to be Muslim related the TV and the print media would have been full of anti Hindu (read BJP and its ociates) bytes.
    1. H
      Aug 8, 2014 at 2:30 pm
      Kill them. Hand them over to the public. The Rapists I mean.
      1. N
        Nesfield Sangma
        Oct 14, 2014 at 1:24 am
        Unbelievable that she is being gangraped over and over again.Has she become a favourite of gangs that she is being raped again and again-Isnt there any other qualifying candidate? This is ridiculous. Or... aww forget it. Stupid kind of article..
        1. D
          does not
          Aug 8, 2014 at 8:24 pm
          or to the jail psycologist ...
          1. pramodkaimalgmail
            Aug 8, 2014 at 8:32 am
            What is happening? ONE cannot believe THE MEDIA. The Commandment THOU SHALT NOT LIE is being broken rampantly. Where are the Pseudo-Secularists who were up in arms on Chapatti-Thrust-to-a-Muslim-Fasting-Supervisor as FORCED feeding when all CAN SEE that there is NO eating. Now was this SISTER Gang-raped Twice? Claiming that as a Muslim ritual in conversion?(i have added this last twist ma for the media for response)pramodkaimalatgmail
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